Flat Head

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CassieSong - January 26

I have a 7 week old little girl. Whenever she is playing on the floor, in her bouncer, etc., she turns her head to the right so that the back, right side of her head is getting flat. Do any of your babies have this problem? What should I do about it? (While she's in the bouncer, I've tried to position her head differently, but she always moves back to her favorite position).


KrisD - January 26

Hi - I wrote in a few months ago with the same question - it had me really nervous. Now that my baby (5 mos) is sitting up much more, it seems to be getting noticably better. One thing I did was put his head at the other side of his bed (I noticed he always slept looking in our direction). Also, like you said, keep moving his head around - it does help! They also sell 'wedges' to sleep on that are supposed to prevent flat head. We used one but recently stopped using it b/c he moves around so much now.


Shelly - January 26

What KrisD said and do the same with the bounce chair,you may want to move it in the opposite direction,maybe that she has to move her head to the left to watch TV.etc


Barb - January 26

tummy-time....tummy-time...tummy-time...this also helps with keeping a nice round shape to their heads. The key is to keep moving her in different positions : )


Christy - January 26

I have the same issue and I try to turn my son's head to the left, do tummytime with him, put objects for him to look at on his left side, etc. The doctor said it is normal and to keep trying to reposition and stimulate him on his left side.


Ca__sieSong - January 27

Thanks for the suggestions. I try tummy time every day, but she absolutely hates it. She cries and gets red in the face every time. I keep trying though, hoping she will get over it. I've also been trying to put things on her left side to make her look over and turn her head to that side. I guess I should just keep doing this. Thank you!


HEATHER - January 27

Get a memory foam pillow with sleep positioner, My dd never got flat head but does have the bald spot.


Mommy - January 27

Logan has a flat head on the left side. It's not really bad but NOTHING I would do to prevent it would work. It doesn't really bother him or cause any problems. He was used to keeping his head to one side. Just keep trying to reposition her head to the other side. It's hard but keep trying.


Christy - January 27

Oh my 12 w/o baby also hates tummy time. I think that is normal when they are that young- LOL!


Mindi - January 28

I am currently pregnant, but purchased a "secure sleeper" by Dex from Target. On the box it says that it is designed to prevent flat head syndrome. It is made out of that memory foam. It fits newborns to 6 months. Hope this helps.


C - January 29

My son's head is doing alright, but his left is isn't! It fold's over in half when he's sleeping (he sleeps on his side) and the shape is now messed up. I hope it doesn't stay like that.


C - January 29

Whoops, that should be left EAR, sorry.


chris - January 30

My son will be four soon but he had this problem.Tell the doctor and if he isn't worried let it go.His wasn't normal until he was over a year old.



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