Flu Or Scarlett Fever HELP

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Cassie06 - March 14

So, as you all know, I have taken DS to the dr many times. Last week I took him to the dr and they said there was absolutely nothing wrong with him. Saturday I took him to the ER (for 7 hours!!) and they said he had a virus. Now his fever is back up, he is holding his head and screaming, not sleeping very well, and now he has a rash. It is little bumps but they are not raised up at all. I just got home from the dr again and they said it is the flu and gave me a prescription for him. I am just glad that someone is finally doing something about it other than telling me I am crazy. I called my mom to let her know what they said and now she keeps telling me he has scarlett fever because it sounds just like I did when I had it and it has been going around. Now I am worrying like crazy again. I just want to know what is wrong and how to fix it!! What do you all think?


Renea - March 14

When you rub the bumps, does it feel like coarse sandpaper? If so, that is a symptom of scarlet fever. Antibiotic will clear that up. If it isn't coarse, has he been on an antibiotic in the last week or so? My son broke out into a rash after an antibiotic he had for ear infections.


Ca__sie06 - March 14

No, the spots are smooth. He hasnt been on any kind of medicine or had anything new. I dont know what it could be!


Steph - March 14

Could it possibly be??***Roseola is common in children aged 6 to 24 months. It starts out as a fever and, after several days, the fever disappears and a rash appears, mainly on the face and body. The rash consists of small reds spots, which last for a day or two. Most children are not very sick during the fever stage but, in some cases, the fever can be very high and other causes may need to be considered before the rash develops.


Ca__sie06 - March 14

Thanks Steph. That is possible! I will check it out more. The dr did give me a strong antibiotic for him so I am hoping it will get rid of whatever it is that he has! I just want him to be healthy. I cant afford to miss any more cla__ses or not turn in any more homework or I will never graduate!


ash2 - March 14

I know when DS had a virus with a fever and vomiting for 3 days he broke out in this rash for like 4 days ad we kept putting hydrocortisone cream on it. Its like the virus leaving the body and they said ecspecially after a fever, a rash is sure to follow !



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