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jls - October 22

My daughter will be 6 months old on Friday. I've heard it is advised to give babies 6 months to 24 months the flu shot b/c of their higher risk of complications from the flu. My question is: Has anyone given the shot, or plan to give the shot to their baby this young? She has a doc appt. next week, and I plan to ask him about it, however, I'm just curious what others are doing. Thanks.


BabyGirl15 - October 22

At 6 months old i was also advised to get the flu shot. However its not a full dosage of the shot they give to them, its half. You go back for the second dsg at 12 month shots. I myself, thought it was a good idea considering it was right in flu season. My dd had no complications from the shot, whatsoever. I thought the sooner the better. G'luck on your decision!


Seredetia - October 23

I refuse to give my daughter a flu shot. She has not been sick once and she is 8 months old now. Everytime I've gotten one myself I get DOG SICK, and I do not want to be the cause of my daughter having the same thing. It is a personal choice, however, but I wouldn't recommend it.


madison - October 23

my dd got her first dose of it at her 6 month check-up and we go back in 4 weeks for the 2nd dose. she did have fever the next day but it could have been from one of her other vaccinations, too, not sure. dh and i also got the flu shot. our dr. gives all babies 6months+ flu shots.


DDT - October 23

I plan on giving my lo the flu shot. It's strongly recommended where I live. He will probably get it next month (he will be 9 months old) just because that is when the flu clinics open. I have gotten the flu shot 2x in my life and I never got sick right after either times (the 2nd time was when I was pregnant with my lo).


jls - October 23

Thanks for all the input. My husband and I get the shot every year. I guess I'm just nervous about giving her additional shots. I'll see what the doctor says, but i'll probably give it to her.


mommybabyboy21 - October 24

I am not doing it. I have been against them. The shot KiLLED my grandmother. And my mom, about two years ago was in the hospital because of her thirod, well they slipped the flu shot in on her and she got as sick as a dog. So I NEVER have had the flu shot and my son wont either.


jen327 - October 24

my son is too young now (13 weeks) but next year I am for sure. He was born at 37 weeks with RDs so it is important he not get the flu.


wailing - October 25

Ds is only 4 months so he's too young but the Dr. reccomended that we get it instead. And both sets of g'parents that babysit will also be getting it. I've never gotten it before, and I've never gotten the flu, but she thinks it's best for us not to pa__s it onto him, incase we do get it. At 6 months I think I will be giving it to him. U have to weigh the risks and benefits.



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