Fluid On Baby S Brain

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kimmy - February 16

my sister in law has a baby that is about 5 months old and about a month ago she her baby girl had to have a cat scan because they said her head was at the 100 percentile (large) they said everything looked fine but now a few days ago she started throwing up and had runny poo and a fever yesterday so she took her to the hospital today and they said she has fluid on her brain and that they need to make another appointment to do some more tests. I am 8 months pregnant andscared to death for her baby and affraid, what is it runs in the family or something.. this is my first child. can anyone tell me if they might know what is wrong with her? is it fixable? is it serious? contagious? genetics?


jg - February 16

Have you "googled" the symptoms? Sometimes it's great to find out answers - but try not to scare yourself by looking too much into it with an online diagnosis! Ask at your next pre-natal appointment as well. Hope she's okay!!


fluey - February 16

my daughter had a brain hemmorage at birth which caused blockages and resulted in fluid on the brain. what she(my daughter) has is called hyrdrocephallus. nuerosurgeons inserted a shunt into her ventricals which is a plastic tube that runs from the skull to the stomach & the fluid releases that way. the doctors prepared us for the worst but today she is 14 years doing well at school and a typical teen. the only thing i notice with her is her bad sense of balance & a bit unco at sports. it's not caused by genetics nor is contagous, ours was a bad birth


Barb - February 16

the same thing happened to my brother...when he was about a year old they noticed the fluid build up around his brain(bc his head was larger than normal) and placed a shunt in his head. He was fine for many years until he was 16 then he fell and hit his head in our living room and was instantly paralyzed from the neck down (due to his unstable step). I don't think it's genetic...but definetely ask your obgyn to ease your fears...he was the oldest of six and we were all born ok. I just wanted you to know that I understand your concern...but... worrying too much can have a negatie effect on your unborn baby...so please ask your doctor about it and try not to worry : )


Dawn C - February 16

Sorry to hear about this. I will be praying for your family



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