Flying W 1 Year Old

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Mom2Boy - May 3

I will be flying via Delta airlines at the end of this month. So far, I know I can take my stroller with me and check it with my other baggage (it wont count towrads my 2-bag-allowance), and he will be sitting on my lap for the flight, so I'll be using my sister's carseat once we arrive. I have a playpen (Graco, I believe) that folds up and into a zipped bag... now the website states I can have a carseat and stroller as "checked" baggage(not counted towards my 2-bag-allowance)... Do you think I could take the stroller (fully collapsible travel system not using carseat that came w/ it anymore) and the playpen, along with my 2-bag-allowance? I'm taking a backpack as my carryon, and then probably 1 checked bag w/ our clothes, with an empty second bag for purchases made during the trip. Please, any info would be great!!


LisaB - May 3

I used to be a flight attendant for another airline and our policy was 2 checked bags which would include your playpen. Your stroller you can take through security and they will check it at the gate then you are allowed one carry-on plus a personal item( diaper bag, purse, cane, umbrella, ect) I would call to ask though I stopped flying in my 6th month and ds is almost 6 months so I'm sure things have changed.


Jamie - May 4

I recently flew with my then-6 month old. It was slighty different, as we bought her a seat (required, intercontinental flight.) Anyway - I got 2 checked bags, and my daughter got 2 checked bags, since she was a ticketed pa__senger. She also got to have a carry-on item, in addition to my carry-on and personal bag. Since she had her own seat, we used our own carseat, and gate-checked the stroller. The only issue with being able to bring that much luggage was the fact that I had to carry it all, plus her. One thing you could keep in mind, though, is that you can actually mail stuff back to yourself. My DH and I mailed 8 boxes back to Germany from our trip to the States...they all beat us there. It cost us $100 in shipping, which included buying insurance on a few packages...I think that's about the same as an airline would charge you for an overweight or extra piece of checked luggage.


Mom2Boy - May 4

Jamie,that's a brilliant idea! I never thought about mailing things back to my home. ahh, now I'm a little more de-stressed and happy. I called the airline and she said depending on who I get at the ticket counter and whatnot they might subst_tue and let me take the pack-n-play and stroller, and i might even gate-check the stroller since we have a layover in Cincinatti. So my husband is going to drive us to the airport and help carry stuff so if they wont let me take the pack-n-play he can just take it back to the car when he leaves. It'll all work out. This is my first time flying...ever! So I'm scared/nervous/excited/worried.


C - May 4

I'm supposed to fly in August with my 1 year old and I had these same exact questions. I will not be buying my son his own ticket so do they have a special seat belt for him? Also, can I check a car seat or should I just rent one with the car rental? Any additional advice on this topic would be great.


LisaB - May 4

Take your car seat and stroller to the gate and gate check them. As I said before I was a flight attendant before being a mom and if there are empty seats on the airplane they will let you bring your car seat onboard then you can strap you little one in which is by far the safest way for your baby to travel. I always buy a seat for my son and make him sit in it whenever the seatbelt sign is on. Yes it does make him cry sometimes but its like the car hes gotta be in his seat in the car so hes gotta be in his seat on the plane. Also having your stroller in the airport is nice so you can pile all your stuff on it. A few travel tips for flying with a baby, dress baby in layers sometimes the planes are super cold or hot. If your baby needs milk bring your own a lot of airlines don't carry milk anymore. I would pack water, extra formula (if form baby) extra diapers, gas drops as flying does cause ga__siness, change of clothes, tylenol incase baby gets a fever/ or sick. Bring these onboard, I know it sounds like common sense but I flew for 8 years and I can't tell you how many times parents would ask for diapers, food, milk, formula ect for their kids. Sad actually. Also if you baby has any kind of ear infection please please don't fly it could rupture their ear drums. Call the airline and they should rebook you, if the person you talk to won't talk to a supervisor. Oh one more thing if you have a baby carrier like the baby bejorn sp? take that OFF the baby for take off and landing. Ok two more things don't walk the around if the seat belt sign is on its too hard with the baby in your arms to do anything if you hit good turbulence. I love flying and miss it hopefully these tips help.


amyh - May 5

Sometimes having extra baggage is not that expensive. You should check how much it would cost...



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