Flying With 6 Month Old

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mlm056 - January 7

Hi, a tad nervous about my upcoming 4 hour flight with 6 month lo. Any advice on what toys to bring to keep him occupied (don't want to bring anything with bells and whistles (his favorites!)--the other passengers would just love that!) and amount of formula... dr. said to feed during take off and landing... any advice would be appreciated to help calm my nerves! thnx.


Cevvin - January 7

Feed during take off and landing so that there ears can adjust. cheerios did wonders for me, favorite toys, there lovi. If your baby is a cuddler, hopefully you can get them to sleep during the flight. My daughter only slept for about 20 minutes after take off. Change diaper before and hope you dont have to do it on the plane, cuz its a pain. Take bottles with powdered formula in them, no water, easier to get thru security. They have water on the plane. and did i say cheerios?


mlm056 - January 7

Excellent -- thanks Cevvin! Cheerios are on the grocery list!


TiffanyRae - January 7

I just got done with a nine hour total flight with our four 1/2 month old. I had my LO skip is nap that fell before our flight. It worked for about an hour and that was it! lol He didn't really sleep at all. My DS ended up playing with the small empty water bottles that the airline serves water out of! He wanted nothing to do with the toys I brought for him. I a__sume he wanted something he wasn't already familiar with? So maybe some new toys he hasn't seen? All in all the flight went good. Everyone who sat by me was really nice. Even when DS pooped mid flight and it was STINKY! lol In his diaper bag I put three servings of powder formula in bottles w/out the water...get that on the plane...then in my other carry on that I stored over head I put a small can of formula just in case. Oh and another thing that kept my LO busy for a long time was paper with color on it. He would grab at it and crunch it all up...over and over and over again!! Good Luck!


cubbie - January 8

I flew with my older dd when she was that age and it was a lot easier than I expected. I bought the gerber apple juice (which I wouldn't have normally given her) for take off and landing as I didn't want to mess up her feeding routine too much by giving her formula and the apple juice worked really well! As for food, formula and diapers take much more than you need with you - we ended up with an 8 hour delay. Take about 3 sets of spare clothes and a couple of plastic bags, again better to have too much, my dd pooped everywhere on the way to the airport, so it was the first change of clothes before we'd been anywhere! As for toys really just take a few they're more interested in looking around and if you're lucky he'll sleep a bit on the flight!


jen327 - January 8

I just flew with my 4 month old and then a month later with my 5 month old. On the trip when he was 5 months old I flew alone ( well I had my 12 year old but he did not help). I had to transfer plans in Chicago and each flight was 2 1/2 hours. Then on the return we flew direct and it was 3 1/2 hours. I fed him on take off and landing, but it was hard keeping him from eating though before hand. I ended up packing a bottle with juice and water because he would eat that while he was sleeping. Did you buy a seat for your baby? That made all the world of difference. We flet Southwest so we got a seat (we did not buy it) and it was great to be able to put him down. We had horrible trubulance on one flight and that made me really nervous. After our trip when he was 4 months old I purchased this thing that went around him but clipped through my seat belt and that made the rest of our flying a synch. When it was bumpy I did not worry about having to hold a death grip on him. As for toys. We read books, he played with things with mirrors. I had 3 teething rings cold. I brought celery so he could chew on it (he can't eat it, just sucks the water). Anyway, my best advice is be weary of the bathroom to change the baby. If you can wait at all until the flight is over, do so. It is dirty and nasty. My LO had a BM on the last leg of our trip, UGHHHHH and I had to cram into the tiny bathroom to change him, I washed him down before we left though!



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