Flying With A 4 Month Old Any Advice MNMOM

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TiffanyRae - September 20

Aloha! I will be flying from Hawaii to Minnesota end of November. I am flying by myself with my LO who will be almost four months...actually closer to three and a half months...anyway I am acutally really nervous!!! Anyone fly around this time and have any advice on how to make it easier...and tricks or gadgets that made the trip easier? We are taking a direct flight into Fargo, North its a pretty long flight. MNMOM...I know you just flew from MN to did it go? Anything I should know? I can't believe I am nervous...not usually to worried about things....but for some reason this is really bothering me! Anyway let me know! Thanks in advance ladies!


hthab - September 20

I flew from CO to MI when ds was 4 months old, and it went surprisingly well. First of all, I was able to get the bulkhead row (row 1), so that we could be the first ones off the plane when it landed. I also got a window seat so that I could BF with a bit more privacy than if I was in an aisle seat. I was traveling with dh, so he got on the plane first with all of our gear, and I waited at the gate with ds until the last minute. When the last people were boarding, I just had to bring ds to our seat. Like most people say to do, I fed him during take off. He slept almost the whole way, and I wondered afterward why I had spent so much time worrying. So I recommend not worrying too much, because it won't make any difference! 3.5 months is the perfect time to fly IMO because they're still so sleepy. I have to make the trip again in November when ds is 9 months old, and I'm afraid he'll get really antsy in the confined space. Your trip will be much longer than mine though, so hopefully you'll have some luck. Aloha! Oh, and remember if anyone gives you the evil eye, they probably have no children and don't understand what you're going through.


Gretta - September 20

I just flew from Chicago to Scotland with my dd (5 mos) at the time - my advice is to bring your Boppy on the plane! It made holding her a breeze! My husband actually held her on the pillow most of the way. Also bring an umbrella stroller and check it at the gate. Really helps manuver through the airport.


MNMOM - September 21

Hi Tiffany: I sent you a message on the "S_x" topic thread about our trip to Hawaii - it was awesome! Funny you are going to Fargo, I will be there in 2 weeks for my college reunion (In Moorhead actually) Anyway, the flight was really easy actually, the only thing is that it is a long time for one person to hold a baby! And changing diapers is tough too due to cramped space. But otherwise, we didn't have any issues with a screaming 3 month old. I did try to feed him during take off and landing so that the sucking would help with the ear pain, but his ears never seemed to bother him, which was remarkable because mine were killing me :) You will be fine! In many ways a baby on a long flight was much easier than a preschooler! My baby almost demands to be held all the time, so I think he was in heaven that he never got "set down"! I didn't bring my boppy (we had enough to carry!) but I just used 2 of the small airplane pillow on my lap to set the baby on. Also I was in the middle of our row so I had some privacy for nursing, although I used blankets too. Have a great trip and ALOHA! :)


wailing - September 22

Hi TiffanyRae:) I'll be traveling alone w/ ds (31/2 months) soon too. Great question. It's a short trip, so don't plan on getting seat, but wanted to know how far ahead u could request seats? What did u do about the carseat and pac n play. And when I get to my destination, I'm going to have to attach the carseat to the car. Is it hard w/ out the base?


TiffanyRae - September 22

Wailing....I booked my tickets through priceline and they had a link where I could choose my seat...well the bulk head row (most room) was booked so I personally called the airline and they gave me a little bit of a hard time but finally switched my seat to bulk head. I am also not buying a ticket/seat for Alex (my little one) no way way I going to pay a thousand dollars for a three month old! So it will be a LONG trip but oh well! Lucky enough my cousin had a baby in January and she is letting me use their extra car seat so I will not have to bring that...and I am checking my pack and play with my other bags on the plane. I have had to strap the seat in without the base and it is actually pretty easy. Just make sure you tighten the straps as TIGHT as you can. Its pretty simple. I really like Gretta's advice about the boppy. I want to bring it with anyway and it will be perfect as a prop for DS. I am actually more excited then nervous now! Thanks ladies! MNMOM did you go to Moorhead State? If you did...I DID TOO!!! I majored in Education and minored in childrens development...funny though with all my studies I still question my every move!! Have a great day all!


TiffanyRae - September 22

LOL MNMOM i just remembered we already talked about both of us going to MSU. Wow I wish I could blame pregnancy brain...but thats over! Ok I will blame lack of sleep....That is am getting for sure! Have fun at your reunion! I heard the campus is pretty much how we left it! lol not too much change!


MNMOM - September 23

Tiffany - I was a Cobber :)


dales76 - September 24

I have made a ton of trips with my son (now 25 months) beginning when he was 8 weeks and just last month i did two long international fights ALONE with my ds and dd (3 months). Do not stress about the babies...they are usually a breeze...i mean, at this age all they want to sleep, feed and be held. if you get a bulkhead seat you cab request a ba__sinet - the best thing ever...and yeah, just make sure theyre suckling or asleep during accent/descent...although the pressure doesnt bother either of my two. but seriously, if you want to worry, start worrying about traveling with them when theyre so so much more difficult than traveling with a baby....if you are so inclined at this young age though, id suggest a portable dvd player with baby einstein.....ive never seen a baby that doesnt calm...and of course, the dvd player is a godsend for all ages of kids......good luck!



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