Flying With Baby Bottle Question

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Atira36 - November 21

So, I leave on Thanksgiving for a 12 hour day of flying with my lo. I am so nervous about it & am now not sure what is the best way to feed my baby while we travel. I normally use the powder Good Start but bought some liquid cans for flight thinking that would be easier. But then I was thinking that he might not like the pre-mixed & I don't want to find that out while up in the air. If I bring powder, I will need to bring my own water...but will they let me take water on the plane? Anyone have experience with this? Help! Any other travel tips appreciated! Thanks!


TiffanyRae - November 21

I am also flying taking a 12 hour trip with my lo. You can take water on the plane....It has to be a certain size bottle to get it past security. But you can always just buy it when you get through security. Or you can just get some from the flight attendent on your flight. They will provide you with plenty. Though I would have a bottle of your own just in case. I am bringing powder for my lo. I am going to have four pre measured ready in my diaper bag and then put the can in the other carry on that I have....which is a small suitcase. In it Iwill have the formula extra clothing diapers ect ect. I asked a question about flying awhile back and got some great ideas. I can't remember them all at the moment but you could do a search for it...just put in Flying with a baby or flying with a three month old...I can't remember how i worded it! But two tips that I plan on doing is of course feeding on take off and landing. And I am bringing the boppy pillow along. I know its more to carry but it will fit into the small suitcase carry on...I didn't buy a ticket for my little one so it will give my arms some needed rest! Anyway Hope your flight goes well!


Prego1 - November 21

The ready to feed will be a little different from the powder. My DD won't drink the powder version of the Similac Sensitive. I think if your LO is used to a certain version, he/she might not drink a different one. Oh and you're right, you don't want to find that out when you're on the plane.


Malica - November 21

Try the pre-made before you get on the plane. It's super-convenient so if your lo doesn't mind the slight difference in taste, I'd go with that. Then you don't have to worry about taking water through security or buying non-sterilized water afterwards (if you're still using sterile water, that is)


drea - November 21

what about making the bottles in advance? you could just mix them before hand and put them in a cooler bag with an ice pack. My dd didnt like the pre-mixed. I wouldnt try for the first time on the plane, b/c then your stuck. Your lo will most likely sleep most of the time anyway. I did that when i flew with my lo when she was 5 months old. Also, I bought new toys for her and didnt give them to her until we were on the plane that way she was occupied with something new. I would also bring your infant carrier (something I didnt do). If there is an open seat you can put your lo in it in the carrier, its a lot easier and safer than holding him in your lap. FYI, I dont think there are any safety limitations on liquids for a baby. You can check the FAA's website, it gives you all the info you need. GL and have a safe trip.


Atira36 - November 22

Wow-- thank you for all the great tips! I didn't think about bringing a bobby or carrier to give our arms a rest...hmmm, now I just have to figure out how to fit that with my carry ons. I bought two of those pre-measured powder containers & will have those ready w/ bottles. I think we'll just buy the water once we get through security just to be safe. Thanks & have a great Thanksgiving!



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