Flying With Infant

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wv_red - July 25

HI ladies! Well I am flying home in 2 weeks so my family finally gets to meet my daughter and I am actually worried about how its going to go. My dd is 7 weeks and is br___tfed and the flight is 5 hours. So we all know that they dont give you enough room on the plane so is there any tricks to this? How about packing and the whole luggage thing with the airlines? I am flying American, if any of you know any tricks about the whole process please let me know! From the terminal to the landing, please help. Its is just her and I flying, dh has to work. Thank you ahead of time!!!!


wv_red - July 25

Oh is there like any exemptions on the luggage for her?? Like what am I able to bring that I wont have to pay the $15 fee for???


fefer1 - July 25

I feel your you WV because the airlines have screwed us parents of young kids. I don't know what they will "exempt" as far as kids go. What I'd do is take the stroller/car seat combo to the gate. They will check it there for you and sometimes there are extra seats so you can get a seat for you baby. Just beg them. :) Also, the bathrooms are not big enough to change a babies diaper on the plane so you might want to think about that. I had to change a few diapers in my lap - real fun. Bring some of those disposable changing pads, they are awesome. Pack as little as you can in the diaper bag - it's a real pain to have to haul a big bag around with a baby. If you have a sling, bring one. They are great for walking around if you have to...what else...oh, call the airline and ask them what the restrictions are as far as checking baby gear AND let them know you are taking a baby. If you didn't buy a seat for your daughter, they will need to know AND bring a birth certificate or some sort of ID for your baby. An immunization card or insurance records. don't forget that important part! Good luck!!!


schreck - July 25

I've heard you need to give a baby a pacifier while flying to help with the changes in the air pressure. Since they are so small they don't know how to make their ears pop, so the sucking helps the pressure not to build up.


britt_m - July 25

Yea you'll want to either b___stfeed during takeoff/landing or give a pacifier, like schreck said as it helps with the pressure, same as they say to chew gum or swallow hard to help pop your ears. Hers are obviously a little more sensitive.


mjvdec01 - July 26

Bring something to cover yourself well while b___stfeeding. You never know who will be sitting next to you.


wv_red - July 27

Thank you ladies so much! My dd wont take a paci so I will have to attach her. Also do you guys think maybe tylonal would her with any ear pain??? I have never given her anything drug wise and would like to stay that way but that sounds painful for an infant. Also she hates the hotsling or any type of carrier. Any suggestions, lol. Just put her in the carrier and hope for the best?? Thank you all again! Any more advise, I will take it!


kristie h - July 27

I did what the other ladies said to do, feed her while taking off and landing. You may find that she will sleep most of the way as the cabin is pressurised, well both my sons did at that age. You can also get these ear plugs for kids ears that are made especially for flying due to prevent them getting sore etc I have also seen them being sold in the shops at the air port, I live in Australia though so i am not sure if they have this product in America but i am sure they will. Panadol wont harm her either before taking off i have always done that with my kids because once your up in the air there's no way out!



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