Flying With My 6 Month Old

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Janet - June 16

I am planning a trip to Florida in August when my son will be 6 1/2 mos old. Should I reserve a seat for him and bring his car seat base on the plane or just hold him on my lap. I have never flown with him before.


Steph - June 16

You don't need to reserve a seat for him, as one should be given to him anyways. Children under two fly for free!! When I flew with my daughter when she was four months old, I held her the entire time, or someone else in my family did. Just make sure that during take off and landing you little man is sucking on something, either a bottle, you, or a pacifier to aid his little ears in popping. Good luck to you!!


michelle - June 16

Check with the airline but I would reserve a seat for him and use a car seat. If there should be turbulence or an accident, you might not be able to hold on to him. I also remember about ten? years ago, there was an accident where the top of the plane ripped off. Two people were sucked out - a flight attendant and an infant. The attendant was not strapped in and the baby was being held by its parent.


I have - June 17

Never heard of the top of a plane getting ripped off and sucking out an infant and a flight attendant. If you tell you airline that you are flying with a child under the age of two, like Steph said, they will automatically have a seat. There is no reason to have a car seat for the child. Have you ever seen one and two year old on an airplane with a car seat? No. Did not think so. You will be fine and so will your baby. Just hold them during take off and landing and you will be fine.


wenwen - June 17

you can get a car seat if you are travelling alone. it'll be easier for you. but if you do choose to carry him on your lap, they shld have an infant seat belt that attaches to your seatbelt during turbulance, take off and landing. I used to be a flight attendant you see.. :)


Kim - June 17

I flew to CA from the east coast last summer w/my 8 month old baby. We at first didn't reserve a seat for him, then changed our mind a couple of days before the trip. I'm soooo glad we did. We were able to bring his car seat (which we used in the taxi when we got there) and he had a safe place to play and sleep. He did great, much to our surprise. He did stay in there for almost the whole trip. I would suggest getting your baby a seat, most airlines offer deeply discounted prices in that situation. Good luck!!


Katharine - June 19

I've never heard of getting a seat free for a baby. Usually under twos are free if held on a lap. Deeply discounted seats can be available for them. I have heard it is a good idea to put them in the car seat, since the baby is used to traveling that way and may stay calmer. Make sure your seat is approved for aircraft, though. International carriers have different rules for whilch seats are allowed, but that shouldn't be a problem. My only tip is to make sure the baby is not sleeping during take off/landing. We thought we were really lucky that our daughter slept through take off, only to find that since she hadn't been able to suck on anything while sleeping, her ears were way out of whack. It took several days of our vacation to clear up and she was a major crab (poor thing!)!


michelle - June 19

To I Have - Aloha Flight 243 experienced decompression resulting in the fuselage tearing away. Two pa__sengers were lost : a flight attendant and an infant. The infant was not on the pa__senger manifest because it had no seat. This happened in April 1988. A tv movie called "Miracle Landing" was made about it. Sorry, it was more like 15 years ago. Guess I'm getting old.


S - July 10

Hi there, I was just wondering how old does your baby have to be before you can travel on a plane?


E - July 10

NWA offers a plane ticket for 1/2 price for infants. Yes, people have been sucked out of planes when the top was torn off, on several flights - United, Hawaiian Airlines and another in the UK.


Skyfeather - July 10

I personally would bring my babys car seat. To me thats how there used to traveling and that way you will have one with you when you get of the plane and take a taxi or whatever. You could also get the cr seat toy attachment to keep baby occupied and happy and a seat will give your arms a rest. Wouldnt you want a seat between you and someone else anyays lol. I dont like it when someone is close to me, with a free seat you could still hold yoru baby but keep yucky other pa__sengers furthur away.


E - July 10

This whole airline thing has me freaked out. DH wanted to save money by keeping Aja on our laps. I told him about this thread and we agreed never to do that. Basically, if Aja were to be sucked out, DH said he would jump out the plane to his death, to be with his son. I think I would also. I feel so awful for the parents of that infant. Can anyone imagine?????? I simply would die of a heart attack if there was nobody to sedate me on the flight.


Alison - July 15

RESERVE A SEAT!! Think about it, if there were an accident how the hell are you gonna protect yourself and a baby. As a flight attendant I have seen accidents happen, and trust me safety of a seat is worth the money, it's better than an emergency landing because we hit turbulence, and the mother wasn't holding the baby tight enough and the poor little thing hit the overhead bins... It's your offspring, do what you feel is right. FYI for those of you who think that airlines automatically reserve a seat for infants, you are wrong. The airline will not hold seats for infants. If someone wants to sit there and you haven't paid for the seat you're SOL. If the flight is empty then yes, most airlines will try to accomodate, but do not think it is policy.



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