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jb - July 9

I gave my dd sweet potatos for the first time today. As with the rice and oatmeal she did great. About 2 hours later she woke up from a nap and started screaming her head off. The screaming lasted for about 1 hour. She is normally a good baby and never screams like this. The only other time was when she had gas issues in her first month or two. She is now 5 months old. She hasn't pooped yet today (which isn't unusual) so I can't really check that to see if it is 'normal'. Does this sound like a food allergy to you? I am afraid to give it to her again to find out for sure. I would hate to see her suffer again if it is. Thanks in advance for your input.


Jenn2 - July 9

jb- I have read that if you are introducing a "new" food with your baby that it can sometimes cause stomach upset. It does not necessarily mean she is allergic (even though you should not totally rule that out).....I do know that it is not uncommon for a new food to have a bad reaction. I have not been through this yet with my daughter since she is still too young for solids, but I read it in my baby books about this. I dont know exactly what to do about it, but maybe try looking it up on the internet, or calling her doctor and asking about it. hope this helps some.


nic nac - July 9

yeah, it doesn't sound like an allergy, just an upset stomach. That is very common when introducing solids to babies.


sahmof3 - July 9

Can't say for sure, but I can tell you that my oldest two DO have food allergies and they reacted to the things they were allergic to right away. They got hives around the mouth and throat immediately and began vomiting immediately. This part December they both reacted to pecans in choco-chip cookies (neither had ever reacted to pecans b/f) and BOTH had to be taken to the emergency room by ambulance- what a scare that was!!!


olivia - July 9

It could be that she is just not ready for sweet potatoes at 5 months. I would stick to the rice and oatmeal for another month and then re-introduce the sweet potatoes. Sometimes they just need a little more time to get the system ready.


jb - July 9

Thanks so much for the replies. Jenn and Nic Nac, I think you both are right on the upset stomach. She must not be ready for that kind of food yet. Sahmof, I would have FREAKED out if I would have had to go through what you went through. Olivia, that is great advice and what I was thinking. I have to remember not to try and rush her to grow up so quickly!!


Narcissus - July 10

Hi jb, a food allergy involves an immune response and if your baby has an allergic reaction to something, she will most likely develop a rash. Here is a link that will explain this phenonmenon better. -- Remove any dashes that appear.



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