Food For 8 Month Old

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squished - February 10

Our ds loves the pureed stuff, but he always is grabbing at our food when we eat. I'd love to give him some things that he could maybe feed himself or that would teach him to chew a little, but I'm afraid that he is going to choke. Any ideas?


Val - February 11

Hi Squished- my ds is 8.5 months and his main non-pureed food is a cheerio-type cereal. I get the organic version (made by cascadian farm). They disintegrate pretty quickly in his mouth, and it's helped him with his pinching grab. Plus they are a great distraction while I'm getting his pureed food ready for him.


excited2bemama - February 11

8 months old can eat table food as long as you avoid things like nuts etc and everything is really small. my dd is 8.5 months old and we are just barely getting into solids as she has reflux issues.. anyways we totally skipped purees.. I just give her food when she whines to have some of what I am eating.. she eats soft things like applesauce and humus but most of her food I just tear or mash into small peices.. she has had yogurt, beans ( black and pinto), meatloaf, chicken, carrots, peas, pasta, rice, bread, apples, pears, bananas... Babies do gag as they are learning to eat.. gagging is normal... choking is not.. start with something really small and soft.. Everything I give her is smaller than a pea and if its a bean or cooked carrot I squish between my fingers first. You can also do those puff thingies as they disolve in their mouths so they can't choke. Soft things like apples and pears you can grate with a cheese grater.


wailing - February 14

I also give ds alot more table foods now. We give him the stage 2 foods still, but experiment w/ alot more. We do cheerios, cut up bananas, pears, potatoes, rice. And at 8 months the dr said we could try yogurt and cottage cheeses too.



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