Food Ideas For Mesh Feeder

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madison - November 2

anyone have ideas on what to put in the mesh feeder? i've tried bananas and other fruit but my dd is not too big on fruit, just bananas. any other ideas? she's 7.5 months.i'd like her to use it more often!


excited2bemama - November 2

I don't really know as I am just getting into this whole solids thing.. so far I have only done banana and apple.. But I was planning on putting all kinds of stuff in it.. cooked or raw carrots, cooked sweet potatoes, mixed veggies.. I guess I really don't know ....


DDT - November 2

I've tried veggies but my ds pulls such a face and tosses the mesh feeder in disgust. BTW he eats pureed veggies without a problem. I thinks its the texture he doesn't like. The only things he will munch on in it is fruit: papaya, mango, pear, apple...that's all I've tried so far. For veggies I tried sweet potatoe, cooked cauliflower & carrots. I think it's a good idea to keep trying though as these babies go through stages of not liking something/liking something. For example: for about a week my ds wouldn't eat pureed pears (his fav) he's back to eating it.


jls - November 2

I'm just curious --what exactly is the mesh feeder for? Is it instead of feeding with a spoon or is it used for snacks so they can feed themselves. I've seen them before, but do not own one.


suze42 - November 2

i loved my mesh feeder...i froze melon, strawberries, apples, (firm things work better) grapes...i guess mostly fruits....


madison - November 2

jls, yes, it's for when your baby is beginning to feed herself and safe because they cant choke on pieces. thanks for the replies, everyone, that gave me some ideas! i've also heard people putting chicken or pasta or even mac/cheese in there! i will wait to try those and will stick with fruits and veggies for now though. i tried avocado tonight and dd seemed to like it but it was sooooo messy. she also throws and drops the feeder at times so its still a challenge using it.


suze42 - November 2

i just remember that it kept my DS so happy and kinda intrigued when we went out to dinner on Friday was a lifesaver. I never even tried the savory foods...i mostly just did fruit..but hey i guess there are alot of possibilites i may try w/my DD soon.


britt_m - November 2

Just a little tip! I've read your suppose to cook certain fruits/veggies for the first so many like carrots, apples and some other things I can't remember. About the mesh thingy, so far I've given crushed ice to help with teething. She'll be having more things, I know bananas didn't agree with her at first. I never even thought about other foods, like chixn and meats!


wailing - November 3

Carrots are only supposed to be given soft b/c raw they can cause choking. I just read this in one of the bb books. Since the pieces can get really small and hard to chew up, it gets caught in their throats.



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