For Anyone Who Has A Tattoo

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pinkbo0tlace - February 20

Hey! This is for anyone who has a tattoo.... I really would like one but i am scared of the pain (haha..yes, for real)... I had two planned c-sections so you cant say "if you have given birth, you can get a tattoo" LOL.....PLEASE tell me what it feels like, and if it is THAT bad...Thanks!


apr - February 20

haha I guess Britney Spears would have the answer to that one


pinkrox87 - February 20

i suppose it would depend on how much pain you can take. i have two and the outline hurts the most, but to me it is bearable pain. i really dont know how to explain what kind of pain it is, but once you start the tatto you kind have to bite your lip and bear it or it may look pretty silly. lol. i had a c-section as well, no natural birth but i cant imagine a tattoo being worse than that.


pinkbo0tlace - February 20



Newhoneybuns - February 20

I have 9 tattoos and i did get a c-section and believe me i would rather have tattoos everywhere on my body than another c-section lol Like pinkrox said its the outline that hurts most but i wouldnt really say it hurts. I would say it pinches. Then once the outline is done your skin becomes a bit numb so you feel almost nothing (in my case nothing). I feel asleep a dew times while some of mine were made lol. Anyways try pinching a part of your body at repit_tion and see if u can handle that and if it's yes then don't worry and if you can't handle the pinching then it will be the same for a tattoo. It might sound silly but that is the best way i can tell you how it feels and my friends say i was right. Oh and another thing, if you get a tattoo with a lot of details it might hurt a bit cause then the lines would be so close together. And a tattoo with less detail is good for a starter :) And once you start you cant stop :p


Newhoneybuns - February 20

here is a picture of one of my tattoos, take out any dashes that might appear


Momof5 - February 20

The pain is a weird kind of pain.. It does hurt, but once you get one tattoo it seems like you will want more and more.. They are kind of addictive... as far as having a C-section I have never had one.. I had my kids all natural.. Having a c-section scares the poo out of me...


ssmith - February 20

I have a small ring of flowers around my belly b___ton. My OB used to call it my garden....and as my tummy got bigger, he would say "Oh how your garden grows!" It was cute! Anyway, as far as pain goes....I didn't think it hurt much at all. It was kind of a weird buzzing pain. I think part of the trick is to get a tattoo on a "fleshy" bit, not a bony part like your ankle which will hurt more. What do you want to get?


mosley12 - February 20

i have 3, one on my lower back, the inside of my wrist, and the back of my neck. its uncomfortable getting them done, but not painful. but than again, it depends on where you get it


venus_in_scorpio - February 20

i have one on my lower back, a pretty big one. it wasn't pain per se, more like irritation. definitely not as bad as recovering from my c-section. go for it!! if you have any pain meds left over from your section, take one before you go. when i was 18 and i got mine done i had a percocet left over from wisdom tooth surgery and i took it before i went and it didnt really hurt. :o)


Emily - February 20

I personally do not have any, but one of my sisters has two and one of them has three. One of them got one on her hip. THe guy told her it would hurst less if it was on the small of her back, but she didnt' want it there. She got it on the hip. She couldn't wear her jeans b___toned up for three days. She siad it was worth it though. Everyone I have talked to said that they are addictive and they are worth the pain. I haven't cause I can't stand pain (yep I know had two kdis, but they are deffinatley worth it.....)


jas - February 20

I have one on my ankle. I didn't think it hurt, but then I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. Take a needle and sc___pe it on a small area of your skin pressing down a little... That's about what it feels like. If you can tolerate that - it won't be that bad...


Renea - February 20

I have a unicorn on the inside of my leg, by my ankle. I have a good tolerance for pain, but I agree, the outline is the worst. Once they get past that, your skin is pretty much numb and it isn't that bad anymore. I think it really depends on where you are having it too. My brother has about 6 and he said the worst one was on his chest.


ry - February 20

I am a BIG baby and I had a c section and have 2 tattoos. Believe me, they are right, if you can handle a c section, you can def handle a tattoo. They do hurt (kind of burn) but after a while the area kind of goes numb and its not bad at all. Def. worth it if you have something you really want.


KLC - February 20

I have 3. One one my shoulder of a lizard, one on the back of my neck of the chinese for mother, and one on my ankle, its a band of flowers and each flower has one of my childrens names on it. Honestly the one on my ankle hurt the most because it is mostly bone but the others felt like being stung by a bee for the first few minutes and the it just went numb. Nothing compared to childbirth!!!


AnytimeLittleone - February 20

My brother in law is a tattoo artist. I have heard him tell people many times, that the sensation feels like something sharp being dragged across the skin, and eventually your adrenaline kicks in, and the area numbs somewhat. This is what he told me before my first tattoo, and thats exactly what it felt like. Like a sewing needing being repeatedly dragged across the skin. It isnt a "stinging" pain... it almost burns, like from irritation. Once you get used to the outline.. you're set!


MM - February 20

I have a tattoo on my ankle. To me, while they were doing it, it felt like someone was scratching me hard, over & over.



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