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Nerdy Girl - June 1

I just bought a box of Kirkland diapers at Costco, and they are IDENTICAL to Huggies. The big box of Kirkland diapers is the same price as the Huggies box, but there are 24 more diapers in the Kirkland box (at least in my son's size there are 24 more). After I opened the Kirkland box, I did some research online and found several references saying that Kimberly Clark (who makes Huggies) also makes the Kirkland diapers for Costco. I just thought I would share this money saving tip!


HannahBaby - June 1

never heard of a Costco.....


LisaB - June 1

Costco is a west coast Sams Club they do have a web site thoug I moved from Phoenix AZ back to Wisconsin and miss Costco they have great products!!


Nerdy Girl - June 1

It's in the Midwest too. I live in Chicago, and we have Costco here.


Marlene - June 1

They also have costco in New York but it is the same as BJ's and Sams club


JEN - June 1



ssmith - June 1

I bought the Kirkland diapers in size 1/2 for my daughter and HATED them! I ended up taking them back because she leaked in them every time. Hopefully you'll have better luck than I did...but just thought I'd warn ya'.


Nerdy Girl - June 3

If you think the Kirkland diapers leak, then you are probably someone who experiences leaks with Huggies. I think it's sort of funny how people are split into the "Huggies Camp" or "Pampers Camp." I have used Huggies for both of my kids and had no problems at all. Everytime I tried Pampers with my first child, they leaked and also gave her a horrific rash due to the perfumed scent. But I guess what I wanted to say in my original post is that if you have been having luck with Huggies, then you will like the Kirkland diapers because they ACTUALLY ARE HUGGIES. Kimberly Clark makes Huggies and also makes the Kirkland diapers for Costco.


Michelle - June 7

thanks for the info! Too bad I don't have a Cosco card and don't know anyone who does


Angie in MI - June 7

I'm not sure they are the same. The Huggies didn't leak, but the Kirkland did. Costco is in the east and midwest too!


alarsen - June 7

I bought the kirkland brand when my dd was in size 1/2 and I thought that they were more narrow than the huggies? Did anyone else notice that? I used huggies with my son 7 years ago and now with my 4mo old. Maybe it's just b/c she is sooo big. She is 4 mo and weighs 17ibs 11oz and is 27 inches long...way past the 100th percentile on the growth chart. She's a HAM...hee hee


Nerdy Girl - June 7

I think that the Kirkland diapers are identical to the Huggies Supremes, not the Huggies Ultratrims.



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