For Mamas Who Have Their Babies Ears Pierced

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margie - June 16

I have an appointment to get Anjelica's ears pierced next week and I'm all worried about it--I was 12 when I got mine pierced and they got badly infected so I have bad memories of mine. I am scared of it hurting her, I'm scared that shes going to pull on them too much, I'm scared that it could get sore or infected....she is 6 months old and I am getting it done at her doctors office so at least its sterile. Any tips or good/bad stories about what to expect?


mommyindec - June 16

Margie, I got my daughter's ears pierced at her dr's office when she was 4 1/2 months. She cried for couple of minutes only. They will ask you to apply rubbing alcohol for a few days and keep it try after her bath. My dd had no probelm with hers so far, I fact I changed her earring today and she had no problem. If you want u can ask ur doctor for numbing cream, I think u have to apply it few hours before , so u could call the doctor and ask them abt it few days before the appointment. gl.


tish212 - June 16

i am getting alexa's done at the dr on july the 3rd and i have been panicing too....i will ask for the numbing cream and use tylenol that day


DeeD - June 16

I ihave done all four of my girls and have never had a problem-ever. Don't worry, it will work out.


ginger6363 - June 16

hey margie, I got my dd's done at 4.5 months (sometimes it's easier when they are little b/c they don't tend to pull/tug at them like the older kids do) and she's never had any problems at all. She cried for a couple of minutes, but all-in-all did great. We've never had any problem iwth infections, etc. I just followed the alcohol regime and kept them clean. I recommend a dose of baby tylenol before the big event. GL!


Happymommy - June 16

Just wondering--I was considering getting my dd's ears pierced but I was wondering if there are any social ramifications--like people giving dirty looks for a baby having ears pierced or if it is pretty well accepted?


margie - June 17

whew, thank you for making me feel better about it! im sure that it will go fine...i asked my mil to come with me for support since dh doesn't understand the ear piercing stuff at all since he has never had anything pierced (unlike me who has had 5 different piercings at one time in my Happymommy - i think there probably are people who think badly about it...but oh well, its not their baby thats what i think! if she doesnt like the earrings later she can always take them out (those 5 piercings i mentioned? gone- except one pair of earrings now) my dd is my little half latina princess and its common for hispanic cultures to pierce their babys ears, as a matter of fact my dh's family thinks im wierd that she doesnt have them pierced YET! it all depends on the culture i think. my dd already has a pair of real diamonds from my mil to put in once they heal and a couple of gold posts from her aunt in new mexico. i think she'll look beautiful!


ginger6363 - June 17

happymommy, just as margie said ear piercing for a baby is sometimes related to the cultural practice of the parents. As a hispanic, I, like margie, got a lot of pressure from my family to have my dd's ear pierced. I wasn't too keen on it at first, but it all turned out well. I haven't got too many negative comments, but I do get ppl saying "Wow, she has her ears peirced already!" Last week, dd was at her swim cla__s and a litle girl (5 or so without ears pierced) said as she walked by: "Mommy, look at THAT BABY with her ears pierced!!" It was a little annoying but not everyone's keen on the practice. Whatever. It was a bit funny though.


wantanotheraftertr - June 17

Margie I had my oldest daughters done when she was 11 months she didn't even cry. Never pulled them or anything. my youngest daughter had hers done at 9 months she did cry but never played eith them either. We do use gold jewlery so that has less chance of infection or sterling silver. Make sure it is nicle free it should be fine


kay101 - June 17

I waited till my dd was three and let her pick if she wanted to get it done and which earrings she wanted. I told her it would hurt for a second but it would be fast and they'd be really pretty afterwards lol she just pouted after each one was put in then looked in the mirror and got all happy. She was old enough not to pull at them, we took care of them as directed but she STILL had a small problem with one. It developed what looked like a pimple with a white head on the back. It had to be poked with a needle and the stuff squeezed out which looked like puss and blood and we had to take the earring out twice a day, put neosporin on the part that went through her ear and clean it with peroxide. Gross but it went away easily, never bothered her, and they're just fine now.


bipolarmommy - July 23

i got my dds pierced at 3 months- i went to claires and gave her some baby tylenol before we got there .after she got them pierced she fell asleep and then bought her some bracelets.



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