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torbman - January 23

My daughters and I were having a funny conversation about boys and their parts and girls and theirs. My youngest who is very nieave, and unaware, told me she had a funny dream. she dreamt that her and her Dad had to go to the police station and in order to let them in they had to pull down their pants and underwear. She said that when they counted down that her Dad did it but that she didn't. She was giggling and laughing pretty good. She said that he was swinging it around . She also told me that a boy at school the other day , as a joke, walked out of the boys bathroom without any pants on dancing around. And also on a seperate occasion her dad walked into the kitchen quickly to grab something and was only wearing underwear. Do you think that this is where the dream came from? Do you think I should be worried about this or do you think that its her just being curious? She is 8.


sahmof3 - January 23

I have no advice since my dd is only 3... just looking into what's in store in my future lol. Sounds like you have quite an interesting household ;-)


torbman - January 23

hehe, I am soooooooooo glad last child was a boy. lol


Lisastar9 - January 23

I am glad I have boys too. Hope you get your answer.


Steph - January 23

I would certainly think that it is her just being curious. My daughter, who is 8 has told me that a boy in her cla__s thought it would be a good idea to pull his pants down and show girls his underwear. I've been noticing a trend that girls are getting and acting older and really young ages, i.e., 8-10. My daughter has to wear undershirts because she is "blossiming", (sp?). Anyways, I wouldn't think much about it, but I would reinforce that your "parts" are yours and no one is supposed to look at them or touch them. I was a bit p__sy about the kid pulling down his's quite unacceptable, but let alone, at school. Sheesh. I'd really love to put her in a bubble. :o(


torbman - January 23

The principle had a hold of him quicker then anything and boy he was in alot of trouble. I hate the fact that they always find some things out at school before i can explain them. It always creates more work for me! If that were my kid, his b___t would be too red to show off. lol


Rabbits07 - January 23

The a__sociation strongly suggests that the dream stemmed from both things. As Steph mentioned I would definitely have the "private parts are off limits to others" talk with her. I think alot of parents avoid this talk because they don't know how to say it (not saying that you haven't had that may have already)...but it is sooooo important that kids be told that this is wrong of someone to do and rea__sured that if they tell nothing bad will happen to them or their parents.


Kara H. - January 23

8 is the new 12. I don't kbow how much you have told her so far, but go ahead and tell her anything you had planned to tell her at 12. Better she hear it from you and get the facts straight then hear God knows what on the play ground!



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