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CEM - December 21

Of course you're all invited if you have any advice to offer! Just wondering if your older kids are as clingy as mine. My baby has 2 older brothers who are coming up 3 and 5, but it seems like the older they get the worse they are at entertaining themselves. They used to be able to play fine on their own as babies/toddlers but now it's like if I'm not doing a song and dance for them they just aren't satisfied! It's not the baby, it was like this even before he was born. And I do as much interacting with them as humanly possible, but I also need to relax! What do you ladies do?


Lesley - December 21

Maybe they are jealous of their yonger sibling. I know a few families - when they had a new baby - the kids started acting like babies again. They probably thought if htey acted like a baby they would get al the attention the baby is getting... I'm lucky in a way cos theres only sometimes that Adam gets jealous. And Leigh never does.


monica - December 21

MY five your old has changed as well...I do think in my case it has to do with the baby....Michael will take any attention whether its good or bad. So he does things just to get any kind of attention. When he turned 5 this past october I felt as though he was turning 3 instead....he use to behave a lot better and played so well by himself in his he has to be wherever I am.


Jbear - December 21

My daughter is 3 and she likes to play by herself in her room, sometimes. Other times she follows me around and demands all sorts of things. One of the times she is the most demanding is when I'm doing anything with the baby. Occasionally I will let her watch a movie just so I can get some peace and quiet, or get stuff done.


CEM - December 22

Yes, they do seem extra demanding when I'm tending to the baby. But I don't know if they're like this because of jealousy, per say, as they starting getting clingy around the time I first got pregnant. I hope it's just a phase. A mighty long one though! Movies do help now and then.


CEM - December 22

That was me up there. Forgot to log in.


karine - December 22

what i do, as iam pregnant and babysite other children...i do playtime with mommy..but only after they take a alone playtime for an hour. Their is mommy time and "alone" time. it works great. And they know i wont "entertain" them if...they didnt leave me one hour of break. they are 2 and 3. and it works out good



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