For Mothers Of Those 9 Month Olds Who Eat Gerber Baby Food

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ImpatientMommy - March 18

How many meals do they have a day? And how much are they eating? Also how many bottles and how much formula (or br___tmilk) are they having a day? I just started my daughter on 3 meals a day with the baby food and she's still having her 4 bottles a day, each 7 oz. and drinking the whole thing but she takes long breaks in between. She'll drink half her bottle and I'll just offer it again like a half hour or 40 minutes later and she'll have the rest. Does anyone know if there is a reccomended amount of formula a 9 month old should be drinking?


pueppschen - March 18

Hi !! i do not know how much they should be having... had this exact question. mine eats 3 times a day, and she finishes only 1/2 of the 2.5-3 oz of gerber food, three times a day. i also tried to give her the earth's best, but she has not developed a taste for it. Also she has 2 tbsps of cereal. i b___st feed her some 6 times for 10-15 minutes.


pueppschen - March 18

oops i forgot to mention, that she eats more readily the food i cook for her, like 2 to 2.5 oz


jodie - March 19

Hello there! My dd is 8 months today, but here is her eating schedule: wake up and eat 6oz bottle hour or so later she has a size 2 fruit (gerber) with rice cereal, then a 6oz bottle for lunch then 6oz about 4 hours later,for dinner she has a size 2 veggie and a size 1 fruit then 6 oz before bed. She will sometimes wake up in the middle of the night for a bottle to, so generally she has 24-30oz of formula a day and she has solids twice. We haven't tried table food yet but she has had the gerber graduate wagon wheels and biter biscuits...she loooves those! I think we are going to start doing solids 3 times a day soon. Like maybe a size 1 veggie before her bottle or something.


wailing - March 19

IMPATIENT--Here is a guide I found on the Babycenter website It has some good info. As far as how much formula they should be getting. It should still be btwn 24-32 oz's



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