For Parents Who Have Babies With Eczema

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andrea21 - May 1

Do you have a baby with eczema? if so does your baby have any allergies to anything?


coco797 - May 1

My best friend's daughter has horrible eczema. She has patches of dry skin and scabs on her arms and face. She is allergic to alot of foods. I know she can't have eggs, cows milk, I think flour. Not sure what else. I know my friend really watches her daughter's diet


docbytch - May 1

my boy is just under 7 mos. He has eczema on his face and neck. So other allergies have presented themselves


javidsgirl - May 1

my dd who is almost 9 months has exzema as for allergies at this point she is allergic to peaches,dogs and cats all confirmed by reaction and blood test she goes for another allergy test when she is one i think they are doing a scratch test then or maybe another blood test i am not sure as of yet


andrea21 - May 1

thanks for the responce. I haven't given my son peaches as yet. had bloodwork done and saw his dermatologist yesterday - everything she tested for came back positive from moderate to very high -milk oatmeal(which i was unknownly giving him),wheat,soy,eggs and already knew he was allergic to barley from rushing him to the hospital months ago. and now she has referred him to an allergist to do a scratch test to test for pollen, dogs,cats and more detailed testing.


kimberly - May 1

Wow, Tanya I didn't know Miriam had problems with allergies! Kyleigh has some on her arms and a little on her leg. I hope she isn't allergic to something, her Dr. never mentioned that it could be caused by an allergy to food.


Bridget - May 1

Wow, Andrea,your little guy is allergoc to a lot. My son has eczema and is allergic to wheat,eggs and soy but he can eat oatmeal and so I bake with oat flour. His tests came back also as allergic to dust and gra__ses.This spring his eczema is worse on his arms and legs so I'm thinking it's the pollen in the air. He's also sneezing a lot every day and so am I, it's a serious allergy year in CA. He's on homeopathic remedies to treat the allergies and they do take the edge off since I think he's too young to be on any allergy meds anyhow.


andrea21 - May 1

Bridget, what homeopathic remedies are you doing? my son's flare-ups seem to be better now since using the enfamil hypoallergenic formula, but its still on his elbows,under his knees, the back of his neck and alittle on his chin - though i hope it would get better now that i have stop giving him the oatmeal. he has been using vaseline and a steriod prescription from the doctor(which i try not to use). I don't understand why he has eczema and all theses allergies - the only thing that i am allergic to is dustmites and pollen.


Bridget - May 1

Andrea, the remedies I am using are the "salts" that a homeopath prescribes and provides. He was on Nat Calc for a maintenance 3X a week but during high allergy season he went from Allium to Pulsatilla (which is also used in eardrops for ear infections which since we've used them, my son hasn't been on antibiotics--in over a YEAR!) If you have a good homeopath in your area, I'd go for a visit, it works so well for my LO and we still go to the ped too. My son had fewer flareups when I found him a formula sweetened with rice instead of corn, that I do remember. It's called Baby's Only and it's organic too. This may sound far-fetched but if someone is allergic to say--soy and they don't eat any soy products, they may be getting soy anyhow. I am starting to look into this more from reputable sources and there is "genetically modified" stuff in the market that's scary to parents with kids that have allergies to food. The scientists are able now to splice a gene from one plant and put it into another. So if you eat corn that has genetic material from soy and you are allergic to soy, you could have a reaction to it and it would be hard to figure out why, since technically you ate corn not soy. I'm not a fanatic but some of this stuff I'm finding out is creepy and I thought maybe this post would be a good place to share it, since so many of us seem to have "allergic" babies. Sorry if this is too long but I just figured I'd share a little stuff I'd found out.



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