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Misty - November 25

Just wanted to start a thread in here for whenever you all decide to wander your ways back in here, if you do, and hopefully you will. I miss talking to you all. It's been very busy since we all had our babies, trying to get back into the swing of things is pretty tough. I figured this was much more appropriate though then still talking in the third trimester board. Hope to talk to you all soon.


amanda.d - November 25

Hey Misty I added you to my msn, hope to see you there sometime. Hows everyone doing, stop in and let us know. Camdyn is finally a happy baby now that we have the right formula. He's so awesome. I added some more pics to my site so take a look. I hate the fact that I cannot b___stfeed but I keep reaa__suring myself that my son did in fact get the most important weeks in. Anyways I gotta make supper, TTYS.


Cora - November 27

Good afternoon ladies. I seem to have a bit more time to get on here as of late. Gabby has been sleeping a lot more, thank god. Last night she actually slept for 3 hrs her first shift, then 4.5 her second. The most she has slept continuously is 6.5 hrs. Its hard to beleive she is already just over 4 weeks old. I had to start her on a bit of rice cereal once she turned 4 weeks. She was drinking formula bottles pretty much back to back. She is already almost 12 lbs at 4 weeks. And has a very healthy appet_te. A question for everyone, how old were your babies b4 they started smiling in recognition to your voice? Gabby has already started this as of 3 days ago. I guess maybe she is just advancing quicker than some. Anyhow, hope to hear from u all soon....take care !


Misty - November 27

Isn't it just so nice once they finally start sleeping longer. I personally feel like my brains are turning to mush lately, there is so much going on and I keep missing various bill payments because I will forget when they are due, I have missed an appointment with the medicaid office, I keep misplacing things and will end up walking all over the place looking for things.....It is rough, I am actually finding myself somewhat depressed feeling sometimes just because it really feels sometimes like my brains are just turning into a complete pile of worthless mush. Poor Mike last night had to listen to me bluberimg about it. He was nice about it though and he gave me a ma__sage...made me feel much better. Didn't do much for the memory thing though. :-)Anybody else feel like that? I just can't wait to get back into the swing of things, get to where I don't feel like I am constantley missing something, or forgeting something. Eh. Love you ladies though. You really are like friends to me, far away friends..but still friends. Nice to see you floating back in here Cora, and sorry again for all your troubles trying to be able to b___stfeed amanda. I'm thinking of trying to start b___stfeeding Summer again. It has been a few weeks though. But there is still some milk there, so I figure maybe, things will probably go just like they did last time, but I figure I will give it a try. Oh well. I need to get off of here and get going back to my own house. It is already close to midnight here. I shouldn't just be sitting around chatting. Talk to you all again soon. Of cours not that many people are back, but hopefully they will start floating in.


Penny - December 2

Hey girls I havent been around much, but wanted to find you. Anyone around?


Robyn - December 2

Hey ladies any one in here? Long time no chat eh?


penny - December 2

Robyn, we want to see pictures of those babies!! I saw the one, but it looks like two are hiding behind the one on the Piczo site :) I'm going to go out and update mine right now :)


Cora - December 2

Hey Penny, Misty & Robyn, things sure have been crazy here at home, but at least I am back home now with baby. Maybe we can get into some kind of normal routine. She is sleeping very well though so I cant complain at all about that. I cant beleive how fast she is growing though, every time I look at her she looks different and is doing something different. Cant beleive she is already 5 weeks old today ! Anyhow, will update piczo soon, I'll let you all know when I finally do. Have a great weekend everyone !


jess - December 4

HEY GALS!! Good to see ya!! Brayden has been fussy latelyt, still eats LOTS, and is overe 12 1/2 lbs!! Cora,. whats the scoop with the cereal?? Wondering if that would help...he is such an eater!!! To answer the smiling question, Brayden started about a week or 2 ago i guess., about 4-5 weeks, i LOVE the smiles!!!! He is getting better at night sleeping, and has gone as much as 5.5 hours, but then he is so hungry all day, and quite grumpy!


Cora - December 4

Hey Jess, about the rice cereal, I add about 1/2 a tsp to her night time bottle. I found that since I was using the playtex nursers I had to use a different bottle for the night time feeding. I use the playtex advance bottles for that, cuz they have a larger hole in the nipples. After about a week of having her only on the night time feeding with rice cereal, just to make sure her digestive system could cope, I started to add a mid morning one as well. She seems alot more content now and not drinking bottles so close together. She is just over 5 weeks now and weighs a little over 12 lbs. She is growing so fast !


Misty - December 4

Hey everyone. It really is amazing how quickly they grow huh? Summer's appointment to get some immunizations was supposed to be tomorrow. My mom says they called though and left a message that my doctor was no longer at that office so my appointment had been cancelled. That doesn't make any sense though. I'll have to call tomorrow to see. There are like 8 doctors that work out of that office. And I set the appointment 1 month ago when I left from her 1 month apointment. There should be no reason for them to cancel and appointment on me like that and not call until the friday before the appointment. Then I couldn't call over the weekend. Why couldn't another doctor just see me anyways. I already had plans of going to another office when I heard my doctor ws leaving. She is just great. I am soooo hapy with her. But I see no reason why I couldn't take my daughter to a checkup with another doctor for immunizations. Whatever. She still sleeps through the night occasionally. But that isn't a normal thing. I sure do wish it was. My daughter decided she is ready for a bottle though. Good to her you are all doing well. Hope to check in again soon.


jess - December 5

thanx Cora!!! may try that soon....he is 13 least....they do grow eh?? sslept almost 6 hours last night yay!!!


Cora - December 5

Hey Jess, make sure you ease into the second mid morning feeding though. After I posted this yesterday Gabby ended up a bit constipated, I am a__suming of course from the mid morning rice cereal. I felt so bad for her all day yesterday, all though she didnt scream or anything....just was straining a little bit to have a bowel movement. Scared me enough though to say forget it about the mid morning rice cereal ...for now anyways. Check in a bit later....have a great day everyone. Oh and Misty sorry to hear about your mix up with the dr's office, hopefully you get it straightened out today !


amanda.d - December 5

Hey ladies, good to here everyone is doing great. Hey Jess i was reading that once your baby is eating more than thirty ounces a day then it was suggested to introduce rice cereal. Hey Misty that sux about the whole immunization/doctor thing. I am still waiting for Camdyns appointment. The last time we had him weighed (2 weeks ago) he weighed 10lbs 8 oz. He sure is growing. Just about time for us to start rice cereal. Anyways better go TTYS.


Penny - December 5

Hi Girls- I updated the piczo site with some new pictures :) I see that the rest of you haven't!! and I WANT to see some more pictures :) Hey and as far as the rice thing goes, I don't remember giving my kids Rice so soon. Madison was 10lbs 14 oz at her 2 month check up, but she grown 4 inches!! She's growing like a weed, but her weight seems to be pretty normal....when is the average time to start giving babies rice?? You've got me confused, and to think after having 2...but that was SO LONG AGO!! :)


amanda.d - December 5

Hey Penny I have a few new pics up, And I read that when baby is having over 30 oz of formula a day its time to start rice cereal. I might start, but I am going to hold out for as long as possible. My instinct has always been to go with how long in between feedings last so I think as opposed to oz. Anyways TTYS.


Penny - December 5

Thanks for Sharing!!! He's beautiful, just like the rest of your kids!!



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