For Those Of You That Have SUCCESSFULLY CIO

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KOGreer - October 26

My son is over 4 months now. We started crying it out about three weeks ago. He was pretty textbook, he cried for 45 min the first night, 30 min the second, 30 min on and off the third night, then not a peep for the next 5 nights. I thought what a smart kid we have, he figured it out already. Then night 9 he cried again, and ever since it has been back and forth. We mostly have good nights now, where he'll go down without a fight, but then last night he cried for an hour. My question is for those of you that have SUCCESSFULLY tried CIO, did your child regress at all? Will it always be like this, not knowing what to expect, or will he eventually fully get it, and stop testing me? Also, at some point do you give in and pick him up, or do you stay strong and continue to let him cry? I go in every 10 min to check on him, rub his belly, put the paci back in (that just falls out again). I have yet to pick him up. As much as I want to pick my baby up when he is crying, I don't want him to revert back to his old habits. Nobody said this was going to be easy that is for sure, but those nights where he goes down without a fight have been wonderful. I have the whole evening to myself and my husband again which has been nice. Thanks for any input.


DB - October 26

Hi there. We used CIO starting at 5 worked beautifully for us...the downside being, yes they often do regress for short periods of time. My dd is now almost 9 months and has been battling chronic ear infections for the past 2.5 months, so once we get her back on track, bam, she's sick again! There are many things that will affect their sleep-teething, starting solids, learning new motor skills etc. I wouldn't expect really really consistent sleep for quite some time, just my opinion though. Also, when we did/do CIO we don't go in the room. For MY dd she would get more worked up when she saw us and it didn't calm her at all. I hope that helps. It sounds like you're on the right track! Oh and I think bedtime gets much much easier in a couple months!! I found 4-5 months to be the second hardest time so far (besides the colicky 2-3 months we had in the beginning)....Make sure to do a bedtime routine and stick with it, if you aren't already...we do dinner, bathtime, book/play and bottle and bed. Hope that helps!


aliciavr6 - October 26

If my dd cries longer than 15 minutes, I usually take it as a sign that she isn't tired enough yet so I pick her up. But some nights she'll "yell" for me for 5 minutes, next thing I know she's out! But it's very up and down


JerseyGirl - October 26

I can't let my DS cry for longer than 5 minutes or so. I just tried it again, and if I don't go in there and pick him up, he cries for like an hour after that... and that's ridiculous. It's harder to calm down a baby who's crying so hard, than to aid them in falling asleep in the first place.


DDT - October 26

I don't particularly like CIO myself and have used it only a handful of times BUT I do know that some babies (especially when they are 8 months old and on) need CIO else they would never nap/sleep. The older they get the more they are able to fight off sleep...because playtime is SO much better! hehe. The longest I would let my lo cry is 20 mins. Most of the time its not hard crying either but a fussing/whining sound. The more you rock them to sleep the more its going to bite you hard in the a__s later on. Babies NEED to learn how to go to sleep by themselves. That said there are other methods besides CIO to get your lo to learn how to sleep. There is the shush-pat & PU/PD. Good luck to you all!


JerseyGirl - October 26

DDT: I mostly use the shush-pat method and haven't yet needed to actually pick him up; that usually makes him go back to sleep within 10 minutes. Maybe when my DS is older (he's only 4 months) I'll have to resort to CIO, but for now, I'm going to avoid it at all costs.


Kims_new_belly - October 26

my prob is a bit different..........she goes to bed fine.......its staying asleep.........she'll get up 5 times a night....for a bottle or her soother.......she'll go back to sleep fine if i get up and give these things to her.......but I want to cut these out...and get some decent sleep....CIO help with this also?


hthab - October 28

It will get better! My ds is almost 10 months old, and he's finally been sleeping through the entire night (11 hours) for about a month now. Sometimes he wakes up early (around 5am), but we don't go to him until 6am, and he doesn't do that loud infant cry anymore. He just fusses a bit and crawls in his crib. When we did CIO, we didn't go into his room at all because it never seemed to help. He didn't learn to sleep through until I eliminated the early morning feeding. At that point, I guess he realized that I wouldn't come to feed him during the night, so he might as well just go back to sleep if he woke. It's hard at 4 months because you start thinking that your baby should be starting to sleep through, but it's totally normal for them to still cry at night. Good luck!


KOGreer - November 2

Thanks everyone for your opinions. We do have a good bedtime routine down. My husband takes him for a walk every night while I make dinner, then I feed him cereal, I give him a bath, then I nurse him. But we have had a lot going on these last few weeks. He got his 4 mo shots, he started rolling over in his crib (and getting himself caught in a corner and getting frustrated), he started solids, and he just started day care this week, for just a few hours a few days a week. So i know that probably has a lot to do with his erratic sleep patterns. Once he is asleep, he stays asleep for the most part, except for one night feeding. It is just getting him down that is hard. Everynight when I am carrying him to his crib I have my fingers crossed that it'll be an easy night! The only thing predictable about my son is that he is unpredictable!


mamagoose - November 3

We just started CIO last week, but Tyler (who is almost 9 months) was able to put himself to sleep at bedtime for 5 months already, but was having sudden sleeping problems. It took him 2 nights to get the picture. I never considered trying it with him any sooner than now because other non-CIO methods were working after I gave them a good effort. I'm not sure I would do CIO on a baby younger than 6 months, and I wouldn't have done it with Tyler until just now when other methods have failed us. If you read up on the Ferber method, he recommends CIO for babies 6 months and older... I also don't think a 4-5 month old is sophisticated enough to have a motive for crying at bedtime, (in other words, I don't think he's capable of testing you or pushing your b___tons just yet.) His crying is most likely due to frustration or confusion about what he's doing all alone in his crib. But for your other question, I think with a baby so young, there is a very good chance he'll 'revert', or go through new phases as he gets older that will give him sleeping troubles. For example, when separation anxiety sets in, he may start up again with sleep problems. Just when you think you've got them figured out, they go and change on you! So, in other words, I agree with DDT- maybe try some non-CIO methods first (there are some good books out there), and if nothing is working, try CIO when he's 6 months +, and he'll be old enough to understand cause-and-effect at that time. Good luck!


mamatom - November 6

I've done CIO a few times, but I agree with others, don't do it until your lo is at least 6 months old.. I've tried it before my son was 6 months and he would just cry and cry.. I couldn't do it.. But now he's 8 months old and occasionally he will fight nap time, that's when I'll put him in there.. I'll feed him, change his diaper and I know he's alright.. He shows the cla__sy signs of sleepiness, so I'll put him in the crib. I do not go back in there.. I check on him through the door, but it took him 20 minutes to fall asleep.. Today, I did it again and he was falling asleep, but the problem was he was sitting in his crib and swaying back and forth.. *lol* So I had to go in there to put him down but then he had puked all over himself.. Lovely eh.. So had to clean him up, the crib, change the sheets, then feed him again and now he's out like light.. I'm thinking I might start doing this at bedtime as it usually takes him forever to go to sleep and nowdays he's waking up through the night.. :(


madison - November 6

i agree with the others who say to expect different sleep patterns all the time! they seem to change very often, in every aspect. we are also trying CIO right now because my almost 8 month old dd has been waking up at night and refusing to go back to sleep unless i hold her. she goes down to bed very easily, but has been waking up for the past week. its hard to say whats causing the waking but i think its separation anxiety since she stops the crying the instant i pick her up and she falls back asleep when i hold her or rock her. well, we have stopped doing those things and dh and i are trying CIO. like some others have said, my dd seems to do better if i dont go in at all. she gets more worked up. i've been going in about every 20 min but am considering not at all, since she gets worse it seems. we've only done it for a couple nights now. the first night she cried off/on for 2.5 hours! last night it was 45 minutes. she is pulling up and crawling so she will cry/scream, stand up in her crib, crawl around, lay down, hug her bunny, over and over again until she falls back asleep! we have a video monitor so i can see that she is ok, looks to us like she just wants us in there. i've also been putting her down for naps without the rocking or bottle and she will cry for 5-10min usually, but every now and then she will go on for 20 min. i've been doing this for a couple weeks now. seems to me she might just be one of those kiddos who has to cry for a bit. a few months ago she went down for naps fine without anything, but like others have said, things change all the time!



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