For Those Of You That Own An Angelcare Monitor

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margie - December 3

i ordered one with just one unit, are they easily portable into another room? Like if I want to bring it out of my bedroom into the kitchen is it easy to do or should I order an extra one?


andy - December 3

hi margie ... I have the angel care and I love it sooo much . I have the one with one unit too and I have that with me wherever I am in the kitche bathroom or my room I thnk its great because you can even take it to the next floor that it works great .. My dd is 8 months now and I have had mabe 10 false alrms so far , but it does keep my mind at rest because it really ips with every breath of the baby ... I have had the false alarms mostle resent because my baby is a cuddler and now that she crowls and moves like crazy she likes to migrate next to the bumper ans sleep very close to it so sometimes the sensor can not feel her but other that that I think it is great , I would not buy the other unit , I have it with rechargable batteries and they last for about 5 days ... Good luck wit your lo ... xoxoxo andrea


MelissaK - December 3

Hi - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this monitor! The very first night we put it in was the first night I slept a deep restful sleep since my LO came home! Good purchase! I get good reception in every room, and in my home office which is in the garage. I never had a false alarm yet but my LO is not crawling yet. You need triple - A batteries to make it portable. I noticed I have calmed so much that I don't even carry it everywhere now. Also, you'll need to put a piece of plywood beneath the crib matteress so be ready for that or it won't work (needs a hard surface). I ended up using a gla__s cutting board from the kitchen:).


margie - December 4

thank you! im really happy i found one on sale because i had my heart set on getting one of these...i truly think its worth it, i havent read anything much except good reviews about it, yes it does give false alarms--but id rather have those than to have to worry about my baby and having restless nights, i am going to need to cherish every moment of sleep i can get with a newborn around! im glad i wont need the extra unit, thanks!



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