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moescrilla - November 5

I was just wondering: you know when you make ....lets say a 6 oz bottle...and by the time you add the formula and mix it, it makes the level rise to 7 oz? so if the baby eats the whole bottle do you still consider that 7 ounce or only 6? I was wondering because my son started eating 8 oz but its actually 9 after mixing it - but I dont know if that is really 9 oz or not...just wondering.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 5

lol i so know what you mean, i still say its 6...its easier that way...never thought about it before tho


Punkin - November 5

I actually scoop out the foam from my bottles (I use the drop ins, but mix it in a regular bottle) It takes more time, but ~knocking on wood~ my LO NEVER spits up. Anyway, with out the foam it is the same amount, so all the extra is air!


TiffanyRae - November 5

I would say that he is actually eating the whole nine ounces! Because the bottle is measuring both the liquid AND the formula.....when you shake it up it stays at nine ounces right? So in actuality its nine ounces of liquid. But who knows!!! lol


DDT - November 5

I would say just 6oz because you only put 6oz of water in...the formula thickens the water and thats why the water level rises....but in all reality he's only drinking 6oz liquid. That's my take on it anyway...


DDT - November 5

Also, Punkin...I get no foam in my bottles and the water level still rises. Weird...maybe it's different formula brands?


Terio - November 6

Moescrilla, that's a good question and I've wondered the same. Usually, I'll just call it six ounces ~ but yes, it's more like seven when it's made.


snowbaby - November 6

i think its 9... even i was wondering about that some time back untill i read the instructions behind the bottle... it said something like ( to make 9 ounces , mix 8 water and 8 spoons) something like that. try reading the instructions well..


MelissaK - November 6

DH and I have this conversation daily. When you add volume to the water (the formula) you are adding volume, basic science I guess. So when I make a 4 oz bottle, and add 2 scoops, it does become 4.5 ounces after the foam settles. So we count it as 4.5 ounces. My DD is a terrible fussy eater (gas) so we count every single drop she gets in her tummy!!


kim00 - November 6

On the can of Enfamil I have, it says that each scoop adds 0.2 fl oz to the prepared formula.


lin7604 - November 6

boy i bet you are just as confused as ever! so many opinions! i always called it 8oz as it's the water level you go by before it'smade, that is what my ped said.


moescrilla - November 6

I was just wondering because he usually eats 8 oz 5 times a day - but if you account for the extra ounce he actually eats 9 oz 5 times a day. We just started adding cereal to his bottles and now he's notting wanting to eat good at all (we started adding cereal b/c of his reflux but he's also on meds for it) so I think for sleeping reasons I'm just going to give him cereal at night and hopefully that will be good enough for him where he wont want a bottle early morning (3 am) otherwise he'll eat 8 oz (or 9, lol) 6 times a day...and frankly thats too much! haha


tish212 - November 6

I would go with basic measurement...if ur bottle measures 9oz then its doesn't matter if its only 8oz of water adding the formula and letting it mix makes 9oz of liquid... and like stated each scoop adds part of an ounce...I know it seems confusing when u think about it since they say to make 8oz add this many scoops and u end up with 9oz but like stated as well u r adding more volume so that counts...and ur baby is eating the mixed content not just the water.... just my thought on it :)


MNMOM - November 7

I consider it 6 ounces, since that is how much water you used to make the formula



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