For Those Of You Who Have Multiple Children

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amanda17 - September 17

How do you do it?! I want to be a nanny to a few kids. I thought it would be the best way to bring some money in (for the time being) while still being able to be around for my dd. It sounds good, but I'm worried I'll go insane! What are some tips to handling multiple children without totally overworking myself?


bubbasmom - September 17

My best suggestion is to have a routine and structure. You should plan the day as best you can and keep with it. Also, depending on the ages, try to plan out a few activities, whether they be art, science, cooking, or dramatic play type activities. Set up clear expectations and consequences for breaking the rules. It can be exhausting, but the above tips should hopefully keep some things running smoothly. Good luck


ddbomb - September 26

We have five children and I NEED a nanny myself! Can you come to my house?? Seriously though, some people can simply handle children better than others, myself included of course. We all have our days. I don't know how much experience you have with multiple children, but I would suggest though before you actually take a postion (I'd do it, this is just my opinion lliving in the crazy house I do so please take it lightly) that you have friends of your dd's over for a week, or at least a couple of days 24/7. Difference is though depending on what job you take you may only do day duties, but either way, you'll have the experience of more than one child at a time and then can see how much of a juggling act it can be, expecially at different ages and developmentla stages too. I definitely agree with the first post, if I don't have a rouinte and structure, it all goes to pot. Set rules and stick to them, it makes it SO had if you go back on your word - they'll use it aginst you, trust me. But yes, it's a great thing to try to do when you want to stay close to your child too so good luck to you. Perhaps just try nannying for one or two children close to your daughters age first? I think that would make it easier to start with if possible...



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