For Those That Are Breastfeeding And Feeding Solids

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kristine - October 4

Hello! My son is 5 months old. We are currently feeding him two meals a day of rice cereal and whatever new fruit or vegetable we are on (rotating every 3-4 days to check for allergies/reactions). I'm wondering just how much I should be br___tfeeding. He is still feeding 5-6 times per day (sometimes at 4:00am, then at 7:00, 10:30, 1:30, 4:30, 7:00pm). He has solids at 8:00am and 5:30pm. Does this sound about right, or does it seem like a lot. He has been spitting up a lot lately and I'm wondering if I'm overfeeding him. When do they usually drop a nursing session?? Is that usually when they start on three meals? It's all kinda confusing!


DB - October 4

That sounds about right to me. There were times when my dd first started solids that she would spit up a bit of bm and squash (yuck!)...I think by the time you add a 3rd meal (maybe by 6-7months) you will definitely drop a nursing session. My dd is 8 months and I think about a month ago she was nursing every 4 hours (on weekends, I work ft mon-fri) or maybe like 6:30, 10:30, 2:30, 6pm (bedtime)...with the occasional 4am nursing session. It is confusing, but it sounds like you're doing it all right! At 6 months our pediatrician reccommended that we do oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, a veggie for lunch and oatmeal and a veggie for dinner.


kristine - October 5

Thanks DB! It is just so confusing, especially when b___stfeeding because you never know how much they are getting!!


spamanda - October 6

Your son is still getting most of his nutrition from b___stfeeding. I'd just let him keep nursing as much as he wants. The spit up might be from the new foods he's trying, since obviously it's all very different from b___stmilk. I don't think DS dropped a nursing session til he'd been on solids for a couple months. He just wanted both, lol. Oh, and he was eating three big meals by that time, too. 5 mos. is pretty young, I wouldn't worry about it just yet, the nursing will taper off as he starts to get more nutrition from his actual food. Good luck! ~spam


kristine - October 7

Thanks! It's not that I want to drop any nursing sessions, I just get nervous about all of the spitting up (it is pretty excessive). It might also be because he has a cold. I was just reading on some other posts that all of the extra mucus and stuff could make him spit up more!


mamagoose - October 7

Hi Kristine- I think what you're doing sounds fine. My ds was on pretty much the same schedule as yours at 5 months, except I only gave him solids once per day. I bumped it up to 2 meals of solids at 6 months, and then 3 solids at 6.5 months. Once he was getting 3 meals a day, he dropped a nursing session, and now usually only nurses 4 times a day (sometimes 5).



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