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jenna32 - December 21

what formula worked the best for you? i've tried some of the samples sized ones so far i think i liked nestle the best but i don't know if i should trust them,they also make a bunch of other stuff! So i want to see what everyone else has chosen and why. i am half br___tfeeding to, i know i should be fully but it's just annoying/fraustrating for a lot lof different reasons like soreness and the fact that she wants to eat pretty much all the time.


jenna32 - December 21

oh yeah and especially at night so she will end up sleeping longer which is another reason!!


DDT - December 21

I use and have always used Similac Advance. I decided on that particular one because it contains (as quoted) "DHA and ARA to help baby’s brain and eyes develop," "No other formula has a higher level of special nutrients (Refers to milk-based formulas and Similac's unique blend of nucleotides) to help strengthen baby’s developing immune system," "Provides 50% more calcium absorption than Enfamil® for strong bones," "Improved powder formula has fewer bubbles!". Each brand has their own marketing lines though. Really formula is formula if your baby has no severe reflux issues and such. I got a whole bunch of coupons from them when I registered online and even a 2 small free tins of formula. Also, I liked that particular brand because after 6 months you level up to Similac Advance 2 which provides more calcium when babies at that age need it most. I started supplementing with formula when my ds was 1 week old. Then by 6wks he went on formula 100%. I found BF very draining and restricting and not enjoyable at all. You don't have to feel bad that you're not BF exclusively. Every woman is different and your baby will do just great being supplemented. Good luck!


Prego1 - December 21

Hi. I'm also a Similac brand user. DD was on Similac Sensitive but we just found out she has a milk protein intolerance so she just switched to Similac Alimentum. We have tried Enfamil before twice but each time we did DD broke out in a rash. I'm sticking w/ Similac. About the Goodstart formula, I have heard a lot of good things about that. I wish DD could use but bec. of her milk problem right now, she has to be on a hypoallergenic formula. I was BF(and supplementing) til she was 3 months old, she's 3.5 months old now. I had supply problems. Now she's on formula full-time. If I continue to b___stfeed I would still have to supplement and then also I would have to eliminate all dairy in my diet!


melissap - December 21

I am using the Walmart brand Parents Choice with Iron. I used this with my 2nd. I used Nestle good start with my 1st but the Walmart brand is [pretty much the same as nestle and cost about 1/2. Similac made all 3 of my kids projectile vomit..go figure. I am using the powder as it is the cheapest way to go.


krnj - December 21

My son was on Similac Advance w/iron but he had gas problems with it. So he has been on Enfamil Lipil Gentlease for ga__sy & fussy babies and is doing great on that. Good luck with whatever you decide!


wailing - December 21

I use Enfamil now but I b'fed exclusively for 5 months before that. He seems fine on it.


kim00 - December 21

I have used enfamil lipil with both my kids, and they both have done every well with it.


GloriaD - December 22

I use Nestle Good Start with Natural Cultures, the green can. DD had issues with constipation on similac advance so we switched her and she is doing great. With my other two children they were on Similac and did fine.


lin7604 - December 22

i used enfamil in the beginning and then at about 6 months i switched him to walmarts parents chice, wow what a difference we saved, to bed i didn't do it sooner!


emfine99 - December 22

I tried b___stfeeding exclusively, but dd wasn't gaining enough weight so the Dr told me to give her 2oz of formula after every feeding. I went with Similac Advanced because I had a sample can and she took to it so I figured why switch her? I've heard great stuff about it and since using it I haven't had any problems. I really hate using formula because the smells put off are a lot different, but I wasn't producing enough milk to put the weight on for her. Don't feel bad about only half b___stfeeding, they told me that ANY b___stmilk to the baby is good so if you even do it once a day, at least the baby is getting something!!!


ImpatientMommy - December 22

First of all, don't say you "know you should be fully..." do not feel guilty that you aren't exclusively b___stfeeding, and don't let anyone make you feel guilty. You do whatever is best for you and what works best for you, formula is JUST as good as b___stmilk... these days they are almost identical. Now that I got that out of the way, I use Similac Sensitive which is a milk based yet lactose free formula for babies with fussiness and gas. It really helped her!


jenna32 - December 23

thanks everyone! :) I just am always hearing raving about how b___stfeeding is so much better! By about day 4 my b___bs were sooo insanely sore i wasn't going to anymore but i kind of missed the closeness and just the little cute ways she'd kind of paw at my chest when she was hungry (kind of felt more like she needed me i guess!) and the faces she'd make,it was just so cute! lol. Maybe nestle won't be so bad afterall. She does get quite a bit of gas though! I think nestle was doing her better for it along with switching to playtex drop ins as her regular bottles.


emfine99 - December 23

Is this your first Jenna? Because after a couple of days I was very sore and ready to give up also, but it was just that my milk hadn't come in yet. I kept trying and it still hurts, and though the dr made me put her on formula also, I still b___stfeed. I also really love the closeness. I think it's great bonding and it gives you time to just sit there and look at your beautiful baby. I say if you can, at least try it once a day and also give formula. It won't hurt! :-)


jenna32 - December 23

yeah, it's my first. i try to atleast twice a day and i am usually pumping atleast twice a day to, trying to increase everything but it's kind of hard! it's been so hard to find a comfortable position for the both of us to! If i'm comfy she's not, if she is,i'm not,lol. By the time my milk was coming in my b___bs were like huge like rocks i swear, were yours to?Good luck getting your bf getting better emfine!! I'm sterilizing and running a bath for us and doing a billion things at once here while i can cuz someones watching her for a few minutes right now,so i have to


DownbutnotOUT - December 25

With all 4 of my children I have tried every formula out there to see which one they liked the best and all of them liked the Nestle in the purple tin. i found it wasnet so hard on there tummy, not as ga__sy, pukie, and they didnt get so constipated.



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