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YC - March 11

I guess this quesion is for those with older kids...Im just long did you co-sleep? What was the transition like? What did you transition your little one to (sleeping in their own bed) (sleeping with a sibling, etc)? I am a big fan of co-sleeping and have really enjoyed it with my now 15 month old but now that she is getting older I have this "what's next" feeling. I also ask because I would like to start working on baby #2 at the end of the year. Did any of you have 2 in the bed? Luckily my fiance is great and feels it is important for me to decide the sleeping arrangements and supports me no matter what. I know that co-sleeping is a problem for many husbands. Thanks in advance for your response.


Topaz - March 11

I'm not sure if I have an answer for you, but I am wondering the same thing. My dd is 13 months and I love co-sleeping with her, but we want to start trying for #2 also. I just started reading The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley and she has suggestions in there on how to transition kids to their own bed.


HANNAHs Mom - March 11

My first co-slept with us until she was around 15 to 18m (?) and the transition went rather smoothly. I set-up 2 twin mattresses on the floor in her room. I slept by her side for the first few weeks and slowly transitioned her to sleeping solo. I layed on extra TLC which helped to make it happy, fun and stressfree. My second dd (18m) is still currently co-sleeping with us. My plans are to eliminate the nighttime b___stfeeds (and soon!) and put her in the same room with my older daughter in a twin bed. (my older dd is psyched for a roommate!) I will probably need to sleep by her side temporarily. If having 2 in the same room dosen't go over well, we'll have to put her in her own room. Well see what happens ; ) GL


ash2 - March 11

lol, my 4 year old still climbs in bed with us at night....around midnight.


Selena - March 12

I co-slept with dd tilla round 6 months old and then I decided to put her in her own room as she was no longer bfing at night. I started by having her nap in her own room during the day for a few weeks and then once she was used to that I began putting her to bed in her crib at night. It all went very smoothly. DD is now ready for her toddler bed and I plan on doing it the same way with her napping in it for a few weeks and then finally moving to night sleeping. I am now co-sleeping with ds who is just 2 weeks old and will do so until he stops bfing at night. Good luck to you...its usually harder on us parents than it is the kids to "let them go".


jilly01 - March 12

my dd turned a year friday. we still co-sleep when needed. she sleeps in our room in her pac-n-play. and comes to bed when she just can't sleep, cause of tummy aches or teething issues, or just cause she wants mom and dad. we had her in the bed for about 6 months!!! she went to her pac-n-play with no issues. i think she was ready for some alone time at night, and i am sure she'll let me know when she is ready to leave the nest.


Mellissa - March 12

We co-sleep for about half the night with rylee. It started when she was a baby and dh would bring her to me in bed when he left for work in the morning. Now at 3 1/2 she still comes to bed with us during the night. Diesel starts out sleeping in his crib, then comes to bed with us around11 or 12. We've found that putting them in their own room at first gives us that "quality time" we need.. then the kids can come to bed with us and we all love it. Except now we have two kids and need a king size bed. I'm working on getting one.


pinkbo0tlace - March 12

I co-sleep with my dd, who is two. I honestly regret it because no matter what I do...she WON'T sleep by in order for her to go to bed at a decent time, I have to "pretend" to fall asleep with her so I can get back up and get to a show or clean or something. I just can't send her to bed. lol.


SuzieQ - March 12

We coslept until our dd was about 3 months old. She was finally able to nap alone, so at night I would put her in her cradle beside our bed. Once she was good at that, I started putting her in her crib in her nursery (around 4 months). She was doing so well! She was only waking once per night to feed. BUT we went to visit my parents for 3 nights, and she has not been able to get back into that pattern yet at 5 months old. We're going to keep working on it though :)


Heather F - March 12

dd coslept with us for about 10 months and I loved having her in our bed unfortunantly dh couldnt sleep with dd's feet kicking and arms kitting him during the night so recently I have been putting dd for about a month in the pack and play in our bedroom next to my side of the bed. It took around two weeks off getting up with her during the night to settle her but now at almost 12 months old she is sleeping through the night in the pack and play most nights. She wakes up maybe once a week and I put her in the bed with me and if she wakes up in the morning to early (like around 6 or so) I'll cuddle her in the bed for another hour. Its worked beautifully and I have no issues with her still being in our room, in fact I like to have her close to me, I worry less!



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