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be - February 26

my lo is 5 months and i'm wondering when i can start solids. but b/c of her reflux when can i start her? when did your lo start solids and what can they eat b/c of their reflux?


Kara H. - February 26

I tried Max on solids at 4 months and 5 months and he wasn't ready. He cried all night with a tummy ache. He wasn't ready until 6 months and then did fine, but all babies are different. Max never liked cereals, so our ped said to skip them and go onto veggies. He loves them!


be - February 26



Kara H. - February 26

Oh, Max has reflux too. Has been taking prevacid.


be - February 26

to kara-my lo is on prevacid. how is yours on it? mine is better but she still has her crying bouts everyday. oh and how do you give your lo prevacid? i have to put the prevacid with 30 cc of water in a bottle once a day.


be - February 26

bump bump


lexa - February 26

Hi there Be! I remember talking to you a while back. Glad to see your lo is doing somewhat better now. Well, my lo is almost 5 months and only on thickened feedings. The doctor said well see at her 6mo checkup about starting solids. So we didn't get that far yet. We go to the doctors on Good Friday actually. So I guess the Easter Bunny may be bringing a basket full o goodies:-)


dee23 - February 27

i started ds at 5 1/2 months on rice cereal, then fruit and veg at 6 months. his reflux seemed to get better for a while untill he started crawling, then it was at its worst for a week, now he is 7 1/2 months and he only spits up here and there, and never after solid food.


be - February 27

hi lexa, my baby gets thickened feedings as well with rice cereal. i was just wondering when solids would begin b/c of her reflux and what foods can you not give them b/c of the reflux. do you know which foods not to give them-like veggies and fruits to stay away from?


aggie03 - February 27

how do you know your lo has reflux? what were the symptoms? dd spits ups (almost pukes) just about everything she eats! More so at night while lying down...she can launch it and soak the sheets/bummer. Is that normal? Thanks for letting me b___t in be


Cat - February 28

I went slowly with solids, and also kept the meals small. I think I tried a tiny bit here and there at three/four months of age (cereal only), but didn't really make it a routine until five or six months. He went through a period (in the middle of it) where he started spitting up much more than usual...but it didn't cause any pain. I'm sure it varies though, so use your judgement. "Aggie03"..does she seem to have periods of pain, arch her neck/back, fussing or anything else? It sounds like she has reflux, but if it's not causing any problems, she might not need treated. I'd talk to your doctor and get her/his opinion about it. Here's a good website, full of information.


AnytimeLittleone - February 28

My dd has severe reflux and allergies. She was put on veggies at 3 months by the pediatrician, and we were told to skip cereals until 5-6 months. She is now 7 months, and is very progressed in her eating, since she has been eating for 4 months already. I also wanted to add, that for us, the solids made the reflux more consistant and thus, the meds worked better. Good Luck!


aggie03 - February 28

actually Cat....we were chalking that up to colick. She will be smiling and then start screaming with real tears. but its usually in the evenings. It also seems like she just has a gas pain or really bad tummy ache. I dont know its so hard to try to figure them out! I will check out that website thanks


be - March 2

anyone else have any suggestions on which foods to give and which to avoid to a reflux baby?


Kara H. - March 2

Sorry Be - I didn't look at the thread after I posted. Did you doctor tell you to give the prevacid that way? Everything I read said that it HAS TO be given on an empty stomach to be effective. We used the solutabs. As soon as he wakes up in the morning, I dissolve the tab in a little bit of water then spoon feed it to him. Bonnie, who post here often and is quite the expert on AR, breaks the solutab in half and puts in her son's cheek pouch and holds it there until it dissolved. I tried her method, but it didn't work well for Max. But no matter how you give it, it has to be given by itself (or with water) first thing in the morning, then wait 15-30 minutes before you give them a bottle. He is probably not getting the maximum benefit from the prevacid right now. Max never tolerated cereal well at all, but does fine on every thing else. I don't do juice since it is a little on the acidic side.


Perl - March 2

Hello again be! I don't remember if I mentioned on your other post but I tried giving my ds rice cereal at 4 months in his formula after his pedi okayed it. It did no good and think it actually made him more uncomfortable & fussy so we stopped it. I'm just guessing here but I'd avoid foods with higher levels of acid: tomatoes, citrus (orange, lemon), bananas, etc.


Bonnie - March 2

Be, are you using the soultabs or the suspension? I have heard from several mommies on the suspension that it is no where near as effective as the solutabs. I can not vouch for that though as Mason has only ever been on the solutabs since 9 weeks. And just as kara said, it must be given on an empty stomach with nothing after for 30 minutes. If it mixes with food it is innefective. You can actually read that right off the Prevacid cite as well. And yes, avoid acidic foods.



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