Forget Cereal And Bring On The Enchiladas

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BBK ® © - October 14

A friend of mine sent me this....Doctors bust baby-feeding myths J.M. Hirsch Associated Press Oct. 10, 2005 12:00 AM Ditch the rice cereal and mashed peas, and make way for enchiladas, curry and even - gasp! - hot peppers. It's time to discard everything you think you know about feeding babies. It turns out most advice parents get about weaning infants onto solid foods, even from pediatricians, is more myth than is the link. (no dashes)Myself, I'll wait till I hear this from the AAP vs the AP but I thought I'd pass this article on...


Liz - October 14

I have read that article and I thought it was pretty interesting, In fact I was thinking of putting it on the forum as well. I also found it very realistic. We worry about how to introduce solids, in what order, etc (I know I do) and then other cultures do it totally different and their babies grow just as healthy and strong...makes one question everything else huh? but it did put me at ease a bit with my many questions about solids. My baby is now 6 mos. and I always worried about what I could feed him and what I couldn't.


monica - October 14

I gave my first son everything and anything as soon as he had teeth. and I will do the same with my second son.


BBK ® © - October 15

Well in that case in 3 months or so I'm making a reservation at the best Thai in NY. I'll have the Pad thai and the kid will take that Ma__saman Beef Curry please..... if she finishes her pop-tarts in the morning that is :-)


monica - October 15

yummy wish I could be anna eating the best thai food in ny.


myself - October 15

I like the idea of introducing foods one at a time and if you are starting as young as 4 or 5 months you want to start simple. Once you have gone through everything and know of any allergies why not try new things? My kids were eating the same foods as us by the time they were nine months and they are fine. When my oldest got his first couple of molars by 10 months he was eating steaks with the rest of us. I found the stronger the taste, the more they like it. My youngest rather eat a lemon than an apple and my oldest uses salsa like some people use ketchup but neither likes salt.


momma - October 17

i read the article after reading the post, im not sure that im ready to give my 6 mo. hot peppers even though my husband loves them) but as as eating what we eat (when she gets teeth) i have no problem with that


momma - October 17

i like making some of my baby food it is easy and gives you more varity


BBK ® © - October 17

momma, how do you grind it, food processor OK?


momma - October 17

after boling or steaming fruits and veggies and fully cooking meats i puree them in the blender sometimes i have to add water to thin it a little, but a food proccesor would would work too when they are ready to chew you can just mash it with a fork instead (then it would be kinda like the step 3)



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