Forgetting Pre Natals

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k.p.j.e. - February 10

This is more of a pregnancy question...I always forget to take my pre-natal pills...they upset my tummy and so I try to take them before bed, but after putting down my lo and cleaning the house, etc., I just forget! Then when I do try to make up for it by taking one that next morning or at mealtime, I get nauseous. It has created a vicious cycle and I'm feeling really guilty (afraid to tell my ob/gyn...I know I'm pathetic)Anyway my husband just looked at the 1/2-full bottle of pills and gave me a weird look. Did any of you forget like half the time, like me?


Lisastar9 - February 10

I never starting taking them till I found out I was pg at 21 weeks,don't ask why ok you can so no fear in forgetting I didn't take ant for the first half,and my lo is in great physical health. If you are b___stfeeding after the baby is born you can take them then to gain more extra needed vitimins.


Erin1979 - February 10

I COULD NOT take them. The pill made me gag, and the smell was worse. My MD suggested taking children's (they make adult ones too) chewable vitamins. I found a kids one with 1.0mg of Folic acid. I know that it's not the same as the 1.4 in the prenatals, but I just made sure I took one every morning. It made me a lot happier. Good Luck!


ash2 - February 10

There is an option. You could take 2 flinstone vitamins in place of prenatal. IMO...they are a must and should be a priority.


Brittany - February 10

ask your doctor for a few different samples so you can choose a brand that you like. Your doctor could switch your prescription. You could try some kids brands in vitamins. If your going to take flinstones, ask your doctor before taking two, I heard too much vitamin A isn't good for the baby. Good luck, hope you find something that works.


Rabbits07 - February 10

My dil couldn't handle her prenatal and her dr. recommend Flinstones, but I don't know if it was one or two.


k.p.j.e. - February 10

Thank you guys all for the responses, and I didn't even stop to think I could take a reg. vitamin instead. My pre-natal pills do have a gross smell, like fake vanilla, bu it's not that that keeps me from taking them, they ust make me feel really sick. Lisastar9 and Erin1979 thank you for your answer I feel better. Hey Ash2---I am wondering, are you a nurse? I don't know if you will read this but I get the feeling from some other threads it sounds like you have some medical knowledge, either a dr. or a nurse? Sorry I am new. Btw you might not want me to know...I will be asking you questions way too often!! :)


ash2 - February 10

Hey kpje...i am a nurse techniciam which is one step behind a nurse. I dont mind the questions, lol i get asked all the time with people from my family. The reason prenatals are son important is because of the extra vitamins that you will need because the fetus is taking a good bit from you while it is growing. Ecspecially folic acid.( which can also be found in captain crunch cereal )


krnj - February 10

I take mine at night too. (when I remember that is) Sometimes I'm so tired I just totally forget.


k.p.j.e. - February 11

Hi again Ash2, sorry if I sound dumb w/ this question, but I am wondering, the pre-natal pills are designed to replenish the nutrients the baby is taking from your body? Or does it go right to the baby? If you forget to take them sometimes, the baby gets what it can from your body but then you are left w/out, right? I know, the baby and me are connected, so I need to take care of myself, but I am just curious. Again sorry if I am uninformed. Nice to know some girls on here are so knowledgable!!! :) Thanks for any info:)


Felisha - February 11

i had to take flinstones until i was 5mnths prego. i took 2 everyday. and when i started taking prnatels again i am very forgetful so i put them by my toothebrush so i would take them before brushing my teeth at night. because i also took them at night


Erynn21 - February 11

I stopped taking mine when I was like 8 months because I got really sick from them and I regret it. I got pretty anemic, I tried to do the Flintstones thing and would forget. I ended up having an emergency c-section and I lost a lot of blood, my dr. was surprised at how good my color was because I was so anemic, I feel guilty about it now because I probably endangered my dd's life and my own. You should try to take them, I still feel bad about it, although I don't know how much would have gotten in to me because I threw them up.


ash2 - February 11

KPJE....prenates are for the baby , but to wrap it all up, during your normal day routine being not pregnant, we are " supposed" to eat from the 5 food groups (fruits and veg, dairy, grains, proteins and fats ) ..well of course we dont all get that every single day or in that order. Most of us have problems getting just 2 ! The reason prenates are so important is not mainly for you , but the nourishment of the baby. It makes up for the " shortfall" that the baby is missing out on. Folic acid ( which is highly found in prenates ) contributes to teh low turnout of birth defects in babies, as well as helps women with diseases that they can prevent from this vitamin. This is why some doctors tell you to continue to take prenatal vitamins after you have the baby as well. It is not just for pregnancy. It s good for you too. Research shows that babies that have not had adequate amounts of folic acid in the womb have lead to complications later on. And some moms who have taken folic acid have the same problem later as well with birth defects, so you cannot base it soley on taking folic acid....but i would rather be safe than sorry. The research does prove that it prevents birth defects. I hope i didnt sound too confusing or started to " babble " ,lol



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