Formula Feeding

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Kathleen - April 22

Ladies, I have a 5 week old baby that I formula feed. I do pump and give him the br___tmilk mixed with the formula. However, I feel SO guilty for not br___tfeeding. The only reason I'm not, is because I like to know how much he's eatting. He was br___tfed for 2 weeks and I found out that he wasn't getting enough due to a poor latch. Now he latches good when he bf (at least once a day), but I just like knowing that he is getting enough. Anyone else formula feeding a 5 week old??? Is it selfish of me to do this just to see the amount of food he's eatting???


Bonnie - April 22

No you are not being selfish. It's up to you how you feed your baby, don't let anyone make you think otherwise. :)


Emy - April 22

I am doing exactly like you! It is hard work to pump on top of it so you should be proud of yourself! How you feed your baby is your choice and yours only and you should never have to apologize for it. Check out this link: it has made me feel much better about the guilt I had, and then I realized some b___stmilk is better than none and we don't need to defend ourselves to anyone. I agree with Bonnie. (Take out hyphens in the link if they show up) ***hugs***


pbj - April 22

I have formula fed since my LO was 3 weeks old, also due to poor latch. I would say if your LO latches good now there's no reason he shouldn't be getting enough. There's no reason to feel guilty though, your child will be healthy no matter how you feed him. If you continue to pump, and do it consistantly, your milk production should increase. You may want some suggestions from some bfing mommas as to know how much he should be eating on the b___st. I know during the time I did nurse my doc said as long as my LO was wetting and pooping, she was fine. Good luck and never feel guilty about your choices.


tiffani - April 22

I don't think it's selfish at all! Sounds to me like you're doing a great job. If he continues to latch on well, why not give him another try at b/f exclusively,if it makes you feel better? Certainly your pediatrician will montior him and make sure he's growing and gaining weight at a healthy pace. :o)



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