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Stephiealisa - August 11

I haven been br___t feeding and using the ready made bottles of formula for my one week and 2 day old son. Today, I tried mixing up some powdered formula for him to eat and he threw up the whole bottle. It really freaked me out cause this is the first time it has happened and it came out his nose and everything. My question is, what is the temp that the water should be when I mix the bottle? I used warm tap water and im wondering if this is the problem? The powdered formula is the same brand as the ready made stuff that I have been using so I dont think this is the problem. He was also kindof dry heaving after he threw up too. Is everything okay??? - nervous new mommy


Astra - August 11

Did you boil the water first. If you didn't you should do that next time and wait for it to cool to room temperature. You can always put it in the fridge for a little while if you want it to cool faster. I store the room temp water in a sterelized (in dishwasher) gla__s container/jug with a sealed top, and I also have bpa free little bottles (plastic) meant for b___st milk but I use them to measure out sterile, room temp water. Maybe the consistency is different and he's not used to it, the mixed stuff sometimes seems to have more air in it, since it's shaken up so much. Did you burp him often, maybe try after every oz. If he was fine with the ready mix he should do ok with the powdered, but if he continues to spit up check with his doc.


kimberly - August 14

In most states you don't need to boil the water. Where we live our water is clean enough for babies. But, check with your pedi and see if your area needs to boil or you could use nursery water. (buy it in gallon jugs) I always have made the powder formula using warm water, and never have had that issue. It could be he is getting a stomach bug or something. The dry heeving sounds more like an illness then the formula. Check his temp. and make sure he don't have a fever. At only 1 week old you need to make sure it doesn't keep happening. It could be the start of acid reflux or something so if it continues contact his Dr.


mjvdec01 - August 14

Did you burp him half way through? I wouldn't boil the water. If you boil too long you can actually add bacteria. Just buy Nursery Water form the grocery store. You should be able to find it in the Formula isle. Also, sometimes if the formula isn't heated, it can cause upset. I have a First Years bottle warmer that I bought from Babies"R"Us that works beautifully. To solve the air bubbles in the formula problem, get a bottle of infant gas drops, Little Tummy's brand is the least expensive and add an entire dropperfull to the mixed formula in each bottle. It will get rid of all the bubbles. If spit-up, gas, and or vomitting are still occuring after a the next few feedings, then I would switch to Similac Sensitive with Iron. This is what we had to do for our son, who is 4 weeks today, and it has completely solved the problem. It worked for our daughter as well. Also, make sure you are holding him upright for awhile after each feeding, and remeber that it can take several minutes sometimes to get a baby to burp.Good luck.


Malica - August 15

What sort of medieval alchemist have you been learning science from? You can't "add bacteria" by boiling water. Bacteria is not spontaneously created by boiling water, nor does it cause any existing bacteria to flourish -- bacteria cannot survive at 100°c. It's a waste of time to boil it for more than a few minutes though.


mjvdec01 - August 15

Not entirely true. I should have been more specific... sorry. My point was that bacteria flourishes in a warm, wet environment, thus making the hot boiled water more susceptible to growing bacteria if not refridgerated. Especially if the container isn't sealed properly. Some think they can boil the water and leave it out at room temp, so they don't have to heat the bottle. Sorry for the confusion.


DDT - August 16

In the past I have seen a few threads come up referring to this same problem. Personally, I think its the consistency of the powdered formula vs. the ready-made. The ready-made is thicker than the powdered. IMO continue using the powdered formula (because its way cheaper) and a) eventually he will get used to it or b) he throws up again and then try switching the formula per ped's instructions. It may be that the watery consistency of the powdered it triggering his reflux. I don't think it has anything to do with sensitivity to cow's milk so there is no need to switch to a "sensitive" formula. My ds (11 wks old) and is using powdered Enfamil Gentlease because of projectile vomiting. Once we switched it stopped completely. On the topic of boiled water...I boiled water for both ds1 and now ds2 on the advice of my doc just because it is safer. We live in a major city and are not on well water. I use boiled water, pour into bottle and refridgerate. I add formula and heat up using a bottle warmer when needed.


DDT - August 16

After shaking the bottle to mix the powder take the lid off for a min. I find that gets rid of some of the trapped air at least.



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