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tiffani - December 14

Here's a hepful hint for you if you have coupons for a brand of formula you don't use. Let's say you use Enfamil. You have a $5 coupon for Similac. Buy the can of Similac using that coupon. Return the formula to the store without your receipt (for which they will likely only let you exchange) and exchange it for the Enfamil. Enfamil and Similac are very comparable price wise, so if you're willing to go through the hassle, you can make any formula coupon work for you. Scandalous..... I'm going to h__l. :o)


TC - December 15

Hey namesake! Wow, we have the same name and we think alike. I was just thinking that this morning. I called my dh this morning at work and told him my master plan. He told me that his son needs a mother so don't get myself arrested. He is such a punk! LOL!!! I think that I am not going to try it, though, bc whenever I don't listen to my dh, something happens.


Ashley - December 15

Tiffani, if your going to hell than so am I! I've done that before with diapers. I had a coupon for huggies for $10.00, bought them then got my hubby to exchange them for Pampers. Hee, hee... I'm so bad!


tiffani - December 15

Scary TC. Great minds (and great names, lol) think alike. I haven't tried it yet myself, but a girlfriend of mine does it all the time at Walmart. I just sent off my coupons to 2 other ladies on the forum to use. Figured I would get farther in life doing a good deed. :o)


tiffani - December 15

Ashley~ Glad to know i'll have a friend in hell. :o)


Jbear - December 15

Sometimes they won't take formula back without a receipt, especially Enfamil Lipil, because that's the main one that WIC provides.


TC - December 15

I took a whole bunch of Similac back to Target when I switched over to Enfamil. I don't know if they would have a problem with anything else.


tiffani - December 15

Jbear~ From what I understand, at Walmart you can exchange formula for formula, even if it is the WIC designated formula. My friend is on WIC and exchanges her WIC formula (which around here is Nestle Good Start) for Enfamil. That's where I got the idea. It's probably different everywhere though. :o)


Jbear - December 15

I didn't try it at walmart...the grocery store here is HEB, and they told me it was illegal to take formula back for refund or exchange, and that they would have to throw it out, they couldn't sell it once it had been returned. I don't know if the clerk was having a bad day or if it was store policy or what...I just let it go and donated it to the food bank. It's been a few was after I had my daughter, and one of my customers gave me a bunch of unopened cans of formula that she hadn't needed for her daughter, I was trying to exchange the soy stuff.


Shelly - December 15

Some Wal Marts will give you hell about it.Several weeks ago a lady tried to exchange Enfamil for Similac and they gave her hell about it and would not change it.I dunno why,I think it's stupid policy .....but I am sure they have their reasons.


. - December 15

It will be very difficult to bring Enfamil formula back to a store that accepts WIC vouchers.


Narcissus - December 15

Tiffani, I just called the police. Be expecting a knock at the door...


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - December 15

I am on the same boat as JBear. I have tried to exchange formula at WalMart w/o the receipt and they would not let me do it. It was unopened and everything. I had Enfamil Lipil and needed Prosobee. BITCHES!!! Anyway, here in Arkansas they will not let you exchange w/o receipt at WalMart or any grocery stores.



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