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jenna32 - October 29

i'm due this month and i sent away for all those free sample things for newborns and so i have like 4 cans of formula that are good for awhile. i've decided to do both br___tfeeding and bottle feeding.They are all around 370 g cans of powder formula,the smaller ones, i was wondering how long these typically last, i am trying to get a idea of how often i should supplement it, i was thinking once or twice a day but i don't want to end up with a lot left over.


Val - October 29

Hi Jenna - I'm not sure how long they last as I haven't opened any of the ones I have! I've been exclusively b___stfeeding for 5 months. Just something to think about... I have heard from others that supplementing with formula may result in a drop in your milk supply. Also babies can have "nipple confusion" if you start them on a bottle before 4-6 weeks. I am keeping a few free cans of powdered formula around in case of emergencies...


DDT - October 29

A can of powdered formula once opened lasts for 1 month. If you plan of giving 2 bottles of formula a day you may get through a can in a month. It also depends on how much your lo drinks from 1 bottle. I bf and started supplementing when my ds was a week old. My ds didn't experience nipple confusion. It does happen for some babies though and you can just experiment with different nipples. Also, try to stick to one brand of formula at a time instead of switching back and forth because then it will be hard to figure out if your baby has had a reaction to a formula brand in particular. How you decide to feed your baby is a very personal decision. For myself supplementing worked, but for other bf exclusively works so to each her own.


KimS - October 29

Hey jenna, I too supplemented and right from 3 weeks, and gave a soother from 2 days old, and there was no nipple confusion... my best friend is a doctor and she says that the whole nipple confusion thing is a farce. I supplemented once a day, usually the 12- 1 am feed, dh did this one and it really helped. THere were no problems with my ds going back and forth and I think it helped since there was no struggle at a later date trying to introduce a bottle, and there was no problem with my supply. I bf until ds was 7 months.. sorry I know I didn't answer the question, I always used the ready to use formula since 1 feed a day until 7 months, just didn't want you to feel bad for wanting to supplement!!


jenna32 - October 30

yeah, i heard less b___st feeding can let your milk supply go down. But i already have the powder formula and don't really want to go buy a pump and i want to let other people have a chance at feeding the baby sometimes to( i already have lots of bottles to). How long is ready to feed formula good for? if you bought it all the time i am sure it'd cost you a fortune. I heard you need to give your baby a supplement of vit d or something if you only b___stfeed. is it true you don't have much energy if you bf to? sorry for all the questions,lol. thank you, it sounds like 1-2 a day was idea and a good wild guess!


KimS - October 30

Hey jenna, I used the ready to use at the beginning... but now use the concentrate, it wasn't too bad since 1 can of ready to use was good for 3 days, but we are lucky and the money wasn't a concern for us.. and you do have to give a vitamine d supplement, the baby needs to get 100 m g of vitamine d a day, you can look at the side of the can of formula and it will tell you how many mg there are per 100mL of formula. For the first few months I used to give ds some vitamine d and he'd get the rest from the formula. Your supply should be fine, your body will adjust to what ever you are feeding, just be sure when the baby is going through a growth spurt that you bf more and not bottle, since that is how the baby increases your milk. Good luck!!


excited2bemama - October 30

Its absolutely not true that you have no energy when you b___stfeed. I have never heard that and t wasn't true for me or any of my friends that b___stfeed. As to the vitamin D suppliment. it varies with each doctor and alot depends on where you live. Since the best source of viatmin d is from the sun- if you live in say florida or southern cali where there is lots of sun I would not worry about a vitamin d suppliemnt. I live in NH and winter is LONG, cold and dark- we dont get lots of sun. Since its just now fall- I am thinking about giving my totally b___stfed lo a vitamin D suppliment for the winter. If you are out in the sun and get vitamin D your lo will get plenty from your milk which is why I ddn't worry about it all summer long. One of the peds in my lo pedatricans office says that b___stmilk is PERFECT and no supplumentation of any vitamin whether its vitamin D or a iron suppliment or a multi vitamin is needed. Other peds recommend Vitamin D to b___stfeedings infants.


Prego1 - November 1

Hi based on my experience during b___stfeeding I would feel so tired and sleepy and sometimes very thirsty too. That might be what you heard. I am not EBF now due to supply issues, I supplement w/ formula. I cried a lot about it bec. I wanted to EBF but it didn't work out. My dd wasn't confused w/ nipples. I did all her feedings while we were in the hospital and when I pumped I used Avent bottles to feed her. She has no problems w/ latching on my b___st. Anyway, do what u think is best for your baby.


Happymommy - November 1

Hi! There should be a date printed on the can and that is how long the formula is good while it remains sealed. After it is opened it is recommended to use it for a month--like someone else said. BTW I b___stfed both of mine for a year and used formula on occasion. I had no problem with nipple confusion or anything else. GL--hope all goes well for your delivery!



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