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leticia - November 22

Hi everyone! I am pregnant with my first and trying to research formula costs. Can anyone tell me what the average cost is of formula for a week or a month? Also, I keep getting free samples and coupons. Is it ok to use these all up (they are not all the same brand) or should you only feed the baby one kind and not mix it up? Thanks so much for your feedback!


monica - November 22

its expensive. I say you average around $80 a month.


Shelly - November 22

More than $100.00 after they are like 2 months and older.


Shelly - November 22

I do keep my baby on one type (brand) of formula.


Sonya - November 22

My son is seven weeks old and we are spending about $100.00 a month. Also we use only one brand, I think that is preferred by doctors.


momma - November 22

i nused for a while but ended up giving my dd formula (enfamil lipil with iron) she went trhough about a can a week at first (aver 80$ a month) then i switched to parants choice (walmart brand) when i switched i alternanted brands for about 2 days (pc is about half the price) not that dd can have solids, water, and juice she now uses a can every 2 weeks roughly so that cut back the costs of formuls


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 22

I would keep the baby only on one kind of formula. You can sell the other samples on Ebay for a little extra cash. We go through about 10 cans a month and they are on average $11 a can. I found the most expensive time was between 2 and 5 months, now at 6 months she is eating more solid foods and not drinking "as much" formula (4-5 8 oz bottles) Oh and one other thing, anytime you go to the doctor ask for samples (they have them and will give them, you just have to ask!)


Kathryn - November 22

My doctor told us to use what we had but Nathan won't switch brands. He will only drink Enfamil LIPIL. I only spend about $20 a month because I combine it with b___stfeeding.


Ruth - November 22

The doc told us to keep Gabriel on the same formula unless he suggested otherwise. But he let us choose the brand that we started with. We started him on Similac Advance and had to switch to Similac Isomil Advance, due to colicy symptoms. My son is 6 weeks and I spend about $90 a month if I buy the "Ready to use" and $60 a month if I buy the powder. I do not b___stfeed at all.


Jbear - November 22

I am on WIC and they provide 9 cans of formula a month (about $11 a can). I usually have to buy one can a month myself. Oh, I used all those different samples that we got, with no problems.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 23

My son is on alimentum, due to allergies, and it costs 50 dollars a week for formula! I would only use one kind of formula, but some babies tolerate switching just fine.


leticia - November 23

i really appreciate all of your comments. i am thinking of b___stfeeding and supplementing with formula, just gotta see how it goes but want to be prepared if i must use formula. this is very helpful. thank you and congratulations to all of you! more feedback please!


Jamie - November 23

You know, it might be cheaper for you to buy a pump and just pump enough b___stmilk for one bottle per day, or however many bottles you want to give, rather than worry about what kind and how much formula to get. You can get a decent handheld pump with a few bottles for around $50.


FF - November 23

For us, a small can of Enfamil Lipil costs about $11 and lasts about four days. A big can costs about $22 and lasts almost two weeks. As you can see, it really adds up. Use those coupons! I have alternated formulas occasionally without problems- sometimes you have to in order to afford the stuff!


mom42 - November 23

I stocked up on Enfamil before the baby came-through free samples at the drs office and through the mail/hospital. I am b___stfeeding, but planned to use the samples for supplementing. Well, baby is still refusing a bottle (she is almost 4 months), so not only do I have the formula, but also about a months worth of stored milk in the freezer! Also, the daycare we use provides formula, so that saved us huge money with our first baby. She would drink formula at school and nurse at home. We would buy these giganto cans of formula at Sam's for about $30 and they lasted quite a while (for mixing with cereal and supplemental feedings). Formula costs have gone up tremenously in the last 4 years, so I'm sure it is a lot more now.


kl - November 27

b___stfeed, formula feeding costs about $200 a month for cheap formula


. - November 27

Must be nice to have WIC.........



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