Formula Question Screaming Baby

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acrone - June 17

my baby is 3 weeks old and everytime we feed her about ten minutes after she eats she has horrible gass pains, or what I believe are gass pains and screams for about 30 minutes.I have tried the mylcon gass drops and they don't really help. She is on Goodstart formula but she was on Similiac and efimil and the same thing happened. I am going to call the doctor on Monday, but do other moms have the same problem and what did you do?


Jamie - June 17

Could you try stirring the formula rather than shaking it, to reduce air bubbles? I can't offer more advice since I b___stfeed, but I hope you get it figured out.


nic nac - June 17

how soon did you switch from Similac to good start? it takes two weeks before you see any changes in the new formula you are trying. If you think the good start isn't working wait atleast two weeks before changing because it justs wreaks havoc on their little systems when you change too fast. My lo is on good start after switching from soy to gentlease, then to good start. good start is so great and babies rarely have problems with this one. Before making a switch I gaver her pedialyte (as recommended by the dr.) to help expel the old formula. Then I introduced the formula using one bottle a day then two then making the final switch. Call the dr. though.


Jmom - June 17

A friend of mine uses Good Start, she stirs teh formula and adds mylicon drps to the formula itself- gets lots of bubbles out that way


Bonnie - June 17

As Nic Nca says, it does take a good 2 weeks. Mylican works well for some babies but not for others. It pretty much did nothing for Mason. I find that all babies are very different. Some sware by Dr.Brown's bottles so we bought about $50 worth of them. In the end I found Mason did better on Playtex Nursers. I don't think because of the bag so much as the nipple. He prefers the larger nipple and most definately a latex one.............My recommendation is to buy one of each major "colic/gas relief" bottle and test them out. Buy silicone and latex, fast and slow nipples and test out to see what she does best on. And as Jaime said, don't shake it to mix it. It creates a ton of foam. Either stir it or make it ahead of time and let sit in the fridge.


pbj - June 17

Like Jamie said stir instead of shake. This is a huge problem I had in the beginning. If you don't want to do that then be sure you prepare bottles ahead of time to be sure to give the air bubbles time to settle. Also be sure she has burped. All babies need to burp after they eat. It can be difficult to get it out at first, but you need to find a way that works for her.


bbelmore - June 17

James did this until he was maybe 5 or 6 weeks old. then the problem just solved itself. the drops didn't work, somtimes no-alcohol gripewater helped, but in time they just seem to learn to pa__s the gas. read the thread about farting babies!!! once they fart alot, the crying fades...


ca_pink - June 17

My friend had a similar problem... she changed bottles from Avent to Playtex Vent Airs and the baby was much happier.


Bree - June 19

My son was that way and we ended up trying the enfamil lacto-free formula. It has worked for him thus far. Best wishes to you.


Jamie - June 19

A way to help her with gas pains - lay her flat on her back and gently lift her legs to her chest, then slowly lower that two or three times, then bicycle her legs. You could also sit her up and cross her arms across her chest, then stretch them out to the side, and so on 2 or 3 times.


acrone - June 19

Thanks for all the help. I switched to playtex nursers with the latex nipple, she loves them and is getting more in when she is eating. I also am still using the good start formula but I am buying the kind that is already mixed and she is sooooo much better. I think it has to do with mixing the formula with our water eventhough everyone says that our water is fine to drink I think it has some hard minerals in it and boiling it didn't get out. Anyways she is better and happier now. I also would recommend the book The happiest baby on the block great book with ideas and tricks that do really work.


nic nac - June 20

Glad to hear things are better acrone.


Bonnie - June 20

It might also be the way you are mixing it. Mason did far better with ready to feed to and I found that it was because I was shaking the formula. It gets super foamy which causes a ton of gas. So I went back to the powder, but I either stir it carefully....or usually I just make it a head of time and let it settle in the fridge and warm up. He had done 100 times better since this> I am so glad to hear the new bottles helped you too!



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