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Hello - February 5

I have a 5 week old. She will be 6 weeks next week. When she was born she was on Similac with Iron and at about 3 weeks she got really fussy, and didn't poop everyday. I changed her formula to Enfimil Nutraigen and she seem to be better. Well we are almost 6 weeks and she is back to being fussy again. It is worse then before. The doctor said that she was not sick or anything when I took her in before. I am wondering if she is just not taking the formula well again. I am not sure what to do. She spits up more with this formula then the other too. She doesn't sleep well during the day and I don't get her down until about 12 am or 1 am, the she sleeps pretty good at night! What should I do. Sometimes she is fussy right up till her next feeding. Could this be the formula again?


C - February 5

Did your doctor tell you to use Nutramigen or did you switch on your own? I would maybe try a different formula. Do you use powder or liquid? With the powder you need to be careful you aren't over packing the measuring cup or they will throw up. Maybe try the kind that is already pre made and see if that makes a difference. Also, make sure you aren't over feeding her. My son was fussy at first and he would just eat and eat and it seemed to make matters worse.


Hello - February 5

I switched her to it because my friend told me about it and that it should work for her. I use the ready feed not the powder. I feed her about every 4 hours or so, but today I feed her at 8:30 am and she woke up fussy at about 10:40 so I gave her a bottle and she ate it all and has been sleeping every since. She has tossed and turned a bit but she has been sleeping finally. I am wondering if it is a bit of a combination of me thinking every 4 hours I have to feed her and she is really hungry earlier than that. Sometimes I feed her at every 3 hours just depends. But maybe it is a combo of the formula not agreeing with her and me not not thinking she is hungry earlier than 3 to 4 hours.


j - February 5



Jen - February 5

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Jbear - February 5

Babies are just fussy at first. Some of them will cry 5 or 6 hours a day, even when nothing's wrong with them. There's a lot of stimulation for a baby to get used to at first, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. If you think her fussiness is caused by gas, you can give her simethicone drops. They are safe for even very small babies. Not all babies poop every day either. As long as the poop is soft (the texture of peanut b___ter or softer) the baby is not constipated. If her poop is hard, you can give her an ounce or two of plain water a day, but no more than that. You can also try switching bottles--different babies do better with different bottles. I tried four kinds before I ended up using Avent. When she gets fussy, can you take her for a walk in the stroller, or, if it's cold where you live, a ride in the car? Sometimes a change of scenery will calm the baby down. Don't feed her on your schedule, either--feed her on demand. If she wakes up fussy, a__sume that she's hungry and give her a bottle. If you wait a while when they're hungry, they can get so fussy it's hard for them to calm down enough to eat.


Bonnie - February 5

JBear, how long do they stay fussy for? We switched Mason to Soy this weekend, and while I have noiced some improvement, he is still having a lo of gas pains. He probably cries about 2-3 hours per day which is in the normal range. But it's mostly after eating with him screaming and scrunched up and looking very much in pain along with burping and farting. So I'm pretty sure it's still a gas issue. We've gotten good bottles, put him on an incline, burp him ALL the time, etc. I don't know whether to just leave it with him crying and either hold him or just put him in the ba__sinet, or to call the doctor again. Is it normal for them to have tummy aches and how long before it clears up? :( General fussiness I could handle, but it breaks my heart to see him lookking like it hurts. ~sigh~


Meredith - February 5

When you feed her, is she satisfied? Maybe she just needs an extra ounce to top her belly off. My daughter (6 weeks) took 6oz for the first time today, she was obviously not satisfied with her usual four. This was after her long stretch of sleep, 7 hours. She was happy with 4 the rest of the day.


Jbear - February 5

It's different for different babies...they all have their own little personalities. I read somewhere that crying usually peaks at six weeks. Why did you switch him to soy? I'm wondering because I had to switch Sophia to soy and now I'm reading that soy may not be the greatest thing for her.


Kimmy - February 5

I was having the same problem and i wswitched my little guy to Infamil Lactose Free and he has been a different baby ever since ... way less crying and way more smiling :)


Hello - February 5

I have not switched her to soy yet. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning and I have everything written down on what she has been doing. We will see what she says. I would love to have smiling baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bonnie - February 6

JBear, I switched to soy over the weekend after a phone call to the doc on friday. It seems to have made a small difference, but he still gets very ga__sy. I dread feeding times because of what generally follows...................... hey also, (God I need a book on newborn behavior), is it normal to have a 2 week old not wanting to go down for sleep without being cuddled an held the whole time??? I thought they started that when they were older but it seems Mason is now adding that into the mix as well. It's so tough not knowing whether I should put him down and let him cry it out or if he's too young for that and I should just hold him for hours while he sleeps. ><


Jbear - February 6

Bonnie, you could try swaddling him too. I had to buy a special blanket for Sophia when she was a baby. It had a pocket for the feet, then one side got wrapped over and tucked under, then the other side had velcro. It came from walmart. Oh, the best baby book I have is "What to Expect the First Year" it has everything you could possibly need to know in it. I have to take Sophie to the doctor, probably tomorrow, and I'm going to ask him how much of what I've read about soy formula is true. He didn't tell me to switch to that, he said to use lactose-free, but Sophie had diarrhea that lasted for a week, even with the lactose soon as I started the soy the diarrhea stopped. Then, a week later, I tried giving her regular formula again, and she had a problem that I think was an allergic reaction...a problem that took us to the ER. She got petechiae on her legs...the ER did basic bloodwork to rule out leukemia and aids, but I have to take her to the doctor and probably get a referral to a specialist.


wenling - February 6

at 6weeks could it not be the fm that is the problem?? Your baby is due for a growth spurt that could mean fussiness in a baby. could that be the cause?


Erin - February 6

6 weeks is around the time that a lot of babies act fussy. Colic is just something that some babies get, and others pa__s right by. I would explain the situation to your MD, but it sounds like you have a coliky baby to me. I wouldn't be so hasty to change formulas without talking with a doctor first.


A - February 6

My son was switched to Nutramigen due to fussiness...Nutramigen is neither milk nor soy based. My son got hungry much more frequently on this formula because it is not very filling. She is probably just fussy becasue she is hungry and the formula is not filling her up. This is just my guess.


S - February 6

sounds a little like colic.....I would first ask the dr. but as him about enfamil's made for baby's who has gas, and digestion problems. This may work or at least help....but don't switch before asking ur dr.



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