Formula Switching Question

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krnj - June 19

Hi do you have to wean the baby off a formula before switching to another brand? Thanks! :)


nic nac - June 19

Yes you should if you are switching from one type to another type (like enfamil lipil to goodstart). It messes up their systems when you switch abruptly. If you are switching from a name brand to a generic brand I don't know if the same applies.


Bonnie - June 19

I will offer a different opinion than Nic Nac on this.....:P Mason's GI doctor had us switch him cold turkey. Personally, I say to call your pediatrician on this. But as Nic Nac said, switching formulas do mess their tummies up and it takes a good 2 weeks to kick in and get back to normal. So I would call your ped and see what he advises and to keep him updated on what you are doing. :)


krnj - June 19

Thanks ladies, what about switching to a powder with the same brand instead of the ready made formula?


Bonnie - June 19

Not sure but I did that with Mason and never noticed a problem so I would think it would be just fine. Just an FYI though....powder gets real foamy when you shake it and causes a ton of gas. Make sure you stir it or make it a head of time and let it sit in the fridge. ;)


nic nac - June 20

Hi ladies, you can go cold turkey too. I use powder and ready made cuz the ready made always goes on sale and i never noticed a difference. I make bottles and put them in the fridge to avoid a bunch of bubbles like Bonnie said.


krnj - June 20

Thanks everyone, I think I'll try the powder & see how he does :)


Kel - June 20

My doc told me cold turkey as well. We were switching from regular formula to the hypo-allergenic so he said it shouldn't be too bad on her tummy. If you are switching brands, I would try to wean. Might as well be safer than sorry.


Rabbits07 - June 20

I had an appointment today with the nutritionist and was reading a pamphlet laying there (while she was waiting on the computer) that was on this exact subject. It had an 8 Day Plan. This is it: Day One-100% current formula, Day Two- 3 parts current formula/1 part new formula, Day Three- 3 parts current /1 part new , Day Four- 2 parts current/2 parts new, Day Five- 2 parts current/2 parts new, Day Six- 1 part current/3 parts new, Day Seven- 1 part current/3 parts new, Day Eight- 100% new formula.


YC - June 21

As evident by this thread it depends on the dr. LOL!!! Our daughter's GI specialist said quit cold turkey and her ped said slowly wean her. We slowly weaned her from Nutramigen to Goodstart following the plan Rabbits mentioned. We haven't had any problems. As far as switching from ready made to powder of the same brand you should be fine. We go back and forth all the time (we follow what's on sale as well LOL). The very first time I switched to powder my dd's b, was a little thicker and harder but it hasn't happened again. Just make sure you follow the powder can's instructions exactly (I am sure you already knew that though). Good luck.


YC - June 21

oops..."my daughter's BM"



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