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Ginny - June 28

I have been br-feeding, but when I started cereal, I added formula to it for a few extra vitamins (also I had a sample that I just wanted to try :0). I just noticed a couple of days ago that the directions say to add the formula to water and not the other way around. I've been adding the formula to the cereal, then adding water - is that bad? Why do they tell you not too? I feel sooooo clueless.


haymay - June 28

This is just a guess, but I think it's because say you are making 2 oz. of formula. You need 2 oz. of water, and then you have to add the scoop of formula, which adds .2 oz. of volume to the bottle. But if you put a scoop of formula in a bottle, then pour in water up to the 2 oz. line, that is not enough water. I hope that makes sense. I think if you are putting cereal in a bowl, then pouring a scoop of formula in with the cereal, then measuring out exactly 2 oz. of water in a bottle and pouring that into the cereal/formula mix, you should be fine. I really think they just say that to keep people from getting the formula to water ratio wrong when making a bottle, like I said before. If you still wonder why that is that they say there, you could get on the formula maker's website and get a number and call....I called Enfamil with a question about why the canister says not to store in extreme temperatures and whether or not that would make the formula go bad, and they were SO incredibly nice and helpful, and they even sent me 2 free 12.9 oz. can's of formula for free!


haymay - June 28

I meant to say, why that is that they say that, not there...oops!


mama3 - June 29

You put the formula in the water so you measure the amount of water right. For every 2oz you put 1 scoop not packed. If you put more water then called for then its to weak. If you don't add enough water then it makes it to stronge and can upset lo's tummy.


Ginny - June 29

That makes total sense!! Thanks ladies!



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