Formula To Whole Milk Question

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melissa g. - February 23

I know someone asked about this recently but I cant remember. My dd gets 3-4 bottles of formula and loves sippy cups with water. The ped just gave the ok for whole milk. We are giving it to her with meals right now. She drinks maybe a few sips and then tosses it. My ped's view is that most babies really like whole milk so if we give that to her in a sippy and slowly water down her formula, the bottles will become less attractive than the milk in the sippy. After she starts liking whole milk in the sippy, then we could move to whole milk in the bottle. She said there is no rush to get off bottles by a year, by age 2 is fine with her ( I thought she would ream me for the bottles!). But I am thinking her way might be a slooooow process b/c dd is not thrilled by milk period in the sippy. So, my main question is: at what point do I switch from formula in the bottle to whole milk in the bottle?? Please let me know how you guys who are still giving bottles are doing it!


ashtynsmom - February 23

I started subst_tuting dd's night time bottle first. She ALWAYS wanted that bottle, so I would give her that one with milk. When she was OK with that, we switched in her sippys. My situation is a little different b/c dd self weaned from bottles- she jsut refused them on her own around 11 mos, except the bedtime bottle. We are just weaning her from that with reading an extra book. I would try giving her milk in her "favorite" bottle time. If she has one.....


Rabbits07 - February 23

There are different ways to do it. I always preferred the mix method. Start out using 3/4 formula:1/4 whole milk in the bottle for a couple of days, then go to 1/2:1/2 for a couple, then on to 1/4 formula:3/4 whole milk for a couple then by the last day she should have slowly adapted to the whole milk taste and you can make it 100% whole milk.


melissa g. - February 23

those are both great ideas!! so its ok to have her drink the whole milk from the bottles that she still takes? and then transition onto sippys and however long that takes, just keep trying with THAT transition?


Emily - February 23

We went staright form pumped b___st milk in a bottle to whole milk in a bottle. My grandmother told me she would not like it and wean herself form the bottle because the milk isn't as sweet as b___st milk, but she was wrong!. (we started milk at 11 mos and she used a bottle till 18 mos.) To me it seems silly to get him used to milk in a cup and then replace his bottle with it. I would think she would be more apt to take it from a bottle. Try it once. If you warm the formula though you should warm the milk. My dd never had an issue with it. You can continue the milk in the sippy with meals but I don’t see why you have to get him taking the milk in the sippy before you try giving it to him in a bottle.


Rabbits07 - February 23

melissa g. , doing the whole milk from the bottles and then moving on to sippy cups is fine. I'm like Emily and didn't understand the dr's purpose for suggesting it in the sippy first and then moving it to the bottle......just seems backwards, but then again maybe she's had a child(ren) that it worked with so she thought it was a good suggestion. I couold see the validity to her suggestion of watering the formula in the bottles to make the milk in the cup more attractive, but if I did that and my baby stopped taking the bottle I wouldn't reintroduce it with the milk. Just seems like alot of work to break them then reintroduce it just to have to break them again.


Bonnie - February 23

Mason is on straight milk out of a bottle too. :)


melissa g. - February 23

Thanks SOOOO much ladies -- my ped is really nice but she is a bit older and her advice had me VERY confused! All what you guys say makes so much more sense to me! Thanks everybody! Since we are not going to be giving up bottles any time soon, I dont see either why I would water them down. I'll just gradually switch from formula to milk, and down the line I'll deal with the bottle vs. sippy cup issue.


Erin1979 - February 23

I just switched. We got the OK, we used the rest of the formula that was left, and then she started getting whole milk. I asked my ped about doing it gradually, and she said it is easier to just switch. I agree. It was no problem at all, she accepted the milk in the bottle, and after we realized it was OK, she started getting milk in the sippy. Everyone has a different opinon, but that's how we did it.



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