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meagan1227 - May 30

my son is on good start soy based milk, i get wic and only get 10 cans a month, which is not enough. he usually runs out before 2 weeks before i can get more. the good start soy is expensive about 12 dollars for a little can, and 23 dollars for the biggest. he goes through 1 can every 2 days. i was wondering if it would hurt him if i bought the parent choice soy and switched him back when i get his wic. what do u think?


Bonnie - May 30

I would not recommend switching formulas back and forth. Everytime you switch formulas it wreaks havoc on their tummies and takes a good 2 weeks to adjust (that was said from my GI doctor). I wish I had better news. Have you tried looking at e-bay? A lot of reputable people sell formula (unopened) on there.


HannahBaby - May 31

i definatly would not switch back and forth. It sounds like your lo is eating ALOT 1 can every 2 days is outrageous. Maybe you should start introducing solids (you didnt say his age) because that seems like alot of formula to me


Maggie - May 31

I'm with the girls that say you are feeding the baby way too much. I'm also on WIC and get the same amount of formula as you, and it does last the entire month. My dd is 4 months old and she eats between 28-32 ounces a day, plus cereal 3 times a day. Are you sure you are making it correctly and not wasting it? Also do not switch back and forth, especially with soy, or you will be back to square one with tummy problems.


Marlene - May 31

My son uses about 10-12 cans a month of formula so I can see why 10 isnt enough but have you tried other brands of soy formula. My son is on simliac soy sorry I cant remember the exact price but it might be cheaper. Also is your formula power or the liquid? B/c that could make alot of difference. And how old is your son?


Marlene - May 31

sorry meant powder


austinsmom - May 31

hi meagan, why would you consider switching back and forth? It really should'nt hurt him to be switched completely to the parents choice but not back and lo was on good start dha ara and I switched because of the expense over to parents choice dha ara and my lo is doing just the others say it takes two weeks for their little tummys to get adjusted to the new formula so within those 2 weeks your lo may experience constipation, gas, and maybe a little tummy ache....should smooth on out after the 2 weeks though.....if there continues to be problems your lo may not be tolorating parents choice the same...but if you do not try you'll not know......good luck!!


C - May 31

Ask your child's doctor. Explain your situation. I switch back and forth but my son never had any gastro issue except the first few weeks when I was only b___stfeeding.


meagan1227 - May 31

he's 5 months, and he is eating solids, i am not feeding him to much, his peditrician said not to cut down his formula. he drinks 6 ounces every 4 to 5 hours.


Marlene - May 31

Can you maybe get your ped to write wic a note saying you need more cans of formula??


Rabbits07 - May 31

WIC contracts with formula companies...whatever company they are contracted with is the only brand they will pay for.


Rabbits07 - May 31

oh, I was answering austinsmoms question about why not switch to Parent's choice. Incidentally, I don't know if it varies from state to state, but I know in VA they are getting ready to change from Carnations to Enfamil.



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