Forward Facing Car Seats

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ellemenopee - May 8

My daughter is now just about 11 months old, and I have begun researching her car seat upgrade. I am torn between the fashionable and cheaper graco nautilus, and the more expensive but safer (as advertised) Britax models. Specifically, the Boulevard Click and Safe. It is hard to argue against something that could keep my daughter safer, so we are leaning towards the Britax. But, the Nautilus looks neat and can be used as a booster seat as well. And, it is over 100 dollars cheapper. Plus, my sister-and-law uses it and recommends it. Well, after getting it all down on paper, so to speak, I feel I have to go with the Britax now. That is, unless someone can convince me otherwise. I searched for any threads on the subject and could not find any. What are you using or planning on using and why?


Mari26me - May 8

I use the Britax Boulevard(no Click & Safe), and absloutely love it. My husband and I researched all the car seats before we purchased and found Britax was the best. The are known for their safety features and that is what helped make our decision. It is a bit pricey, but worth it. It is also ranked very high on the consumer reports lists.


stefkay - May 8

I saw the Britax when we were shopping for my dd's convertible seat (she is 10 mos) but we got the Evenflo Symphony seat. It's a monster of a seat and to me it looked safer than the Britax even though it was the one I always heard about. The Evenflo had good ratings and it has the extra head protector wings (or whatever you call them) that are hard and give extra protection to the head. It is side impact tested too which I thought was good. I think we paid 200 for it new at Target.


stefkay - May 8

Oh and I meant to say I LOVE it and dd seems to like it. It is so comfy, almost like a recliner with so much padding.


DDT - May 8

I just have to say that some of us don't have the luxury to buy expensive car seats. We need 4 car seats (2 in each of our cars) because my husband drops off at daycare and I pick up. Can you imagine the expense if we bought $300 seats? No way! We have an Evenflo, Graco CarGo, Safety First and a Cosco. They are all comfy and great seats. Never had a problem with any of them. They all cost between $150-$200 each (in Canada).


ellemenopee - May 10

Thanks! It is good to hear someone likes the britax boulevard. And, I will definately consider the evenflow symphony. I have months still to figure this out. DDT- That is an excellant point. If we had to buy four, I don't know what we'd do. What an investment. My goal is to balance safety with value. Do the britax carseats warrent such a disparity in price? They have got to be some pretty darn good seats then. Just because we can afford it doesn't mean I necessarily want to afford it. Of those of you with multiple carseats, which are your favorite? Are there any to stear away from?


Mari26me - May 11

I agree the Britax are high in price. I probably would not have bought one if I had to buy more than one. Way too much of an expense. In the end, we bought the Britax because a few of my cousins raved about the seats. We also did our own research too. I think there are alot of other great car seats out there at all different price points. I have heard read good things about the evenflo seats too.



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