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KLC - May 20

Hey girls, I like coming on here and seeing things other moms have found and really liked so I thought I'd share. My son is 8 weeks and he likes his bath, that is until it's time to actually put the soap on him and wash him up!!! He screams because no matter what I do the soap is always cooler on his skin than the bath water and he hates it. Well this morning I used a sample I had gotten it was a huggies disposable washcloth. It was GREAT!!! You just get it wet and the soap is already on it...I washed him up hair and all with it and it still had plenty of soap on it. Guess what? No screaming!!!! I am going to the market to buy a box tonight. Just thought I'd pass that on. P.S. I bet they'd be great if you were traveling to.


SonyaM - May 20

Yes, these are great! We use them when we are traveling or to take to a restaurant when the baby is older and eating more food. They have also come in handy when I have run out of soap.


HannahBaby - May 20

they are great but pretty can buy a bottle of johnsons for $3 thats last about 6 months or a box of 12 wash cloths for 4$. But hey it if stops your little one from crying more power to ya!!


AmandaManns - May 20

I used these on my son when he was first born and could not yet be put into water. He did not like them as well because they seemed to be cold to him. Now that he is older we just the bedtime bath soap and lotion.


jas - May 20

I think it's a great idea!! Thanks for sharing!


MJM - May 21

I normally use the Johnson's Baby Bar. It has the sent of baby powder. I love it and no worrying about the liquid kind being cold. It is just a normal bar of soap. I have been using this for 5 years now.


shea4 - May 23

I like these too for traveling..but yes they are pricey! A little baby wash soap on a wash cloth would do the same thing...that's we do:)


Maggie - May 24

They made my dd break out with a horrible rash because of the lavendar that is added to it. I like the Aveeno baby bath because she doen't break out, but to be honest the Aveeno doesn't smell that good. I love the smell of the huggies washcloths.


alicia - May 24

I dont know if this would work if the huggies are too expensive but its what i do since our babies really arn't doing all that much to get themselves dirty yet lol its not like theyre playing in mud yet....i fill up the tub with warm water and as its fillin up i mix in the baby wash...its like a baby bubble bath and i just dip the rag into the bath to wash him off then empty the tub and rinse him off with warm water...he doesnt scream or anything actually i think he thinks its fun to kick around in the bubbles. good luck



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