Found A Scorpion Inside Our House

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EMBERBABY - February 21

We just found a scorpion inside our house and I am scared there's more just waiting to attack while I am not looking. We just bought this house and moved in inJanuary, it's a brand new home and we have had the exterminator come before we moved in. Tomorrow we are calling him to come in again, I am thankful we found it and it didn't sting out lo but I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight.


Shea - February 21

Where do you live? Are they usually found in that area? We found one here in Ohio, where they are NOT usually found. Dh found it on our stairs, and worse, decided to keep it as a pet, ugh. Then, to make it even worse it had babies! I was terrified that we had a daddy scorpion somewhere, unitl I researched and found out they can be pregnant for like a year. We never had another one and we got rid of mama and her brood. It was really disgusting, dh still owes me forr that. We think my mom may have brought it from FL, since she had just come for a visit.


Lisastar9 - February 21



Deb - February 21

LMAO...Shea you poor, poor woman! :o) Emberbaby, try not to worry too much. Whenever I have seen scorpions (I lived in Florida for a year) I have only seen one, not multiples, so chances are there is only the one. I know it is hard since we all worry about our lo's so much. I hope you can get some sleep.


SonyaM - February 21

Hey emberbaby, yep we've had one too. We also live in a new home (now two years old) in the same city as you. We only saw the one and have never seen another one. At the time we found it there was a house being built right next to us and I think that had something to do with it. So glad your lo was not stung. I was stung as a child and it hurt like hell.


CyndiG - February 21

I would just die!!!!


CyndiG - February 21

I want to add that to my weird phobia on the other thread!! Emberbaby, you handled it so well! I would have to move to a hotel! :O}


Rabbits07 - February 21

Oh my goodness! I'm like Cyndi...I would've been out of there...only they probably would've been hauling me out on a gurney!


LollyM - February 22

ugh! I'm glad we don't have much in the way of scorpions around here! We just have tarantulas... but not a whole lot and at least they don't sting! I would just die! Was it big?


BriannasMummy - February 23

I need to know where all of you ladies live.. so i can add it to " the places i am way to scared to go to" list. That freaks me out.. i have the hebee gebee's just thinking about it. I would have ran out of that house waving my hands above my head, screaming frantically! ~Kristin~


piratesmermaid - February 23

Eww w w w w w w w w !!!!!!! Scorpions, roaches, furry spiders, and centiedes I just DON'T do. I wouldn't sleep either!! And I'd have my lo in my arms all night long.



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