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mommy of 2 - October 24

Okay not really but I'm at my wits end. He was so well behaved, just your normal boy, until the baby came. I get the whole jealousy thing, but wow. He has started peeing all over the house, like a cat to mark his territory. I have done everything I can think of short of sticking him back in diapers, which is what I think he wants(so he can be the baby again.) I have taken away all tv privileges, his playstation, my husband and I each spend one whole day with him so he doesn't feel left out, but he still goes beserk when he sees us with the baby. He hits us, tries to trip us when we are walking the baby around the house, beats his head against the walls of his room, you name it, he does it. Some days it has gotten to the point I call my mom to come get him before I stray him!!(just kidding) I was an only child, so I don't know how to stop this.Help fast!!!


Barb - October 24

wow...sounds like you're doing the right things. I have 3 children and it seemed to help when I had the kids help. Give you 4 yr. old some "jobs" to care for the baby...maybe having him be a part of the infant care would help??for example: he's in charge of getting the diapers, and throwing the messed-up ones away...or...he's in charge of helping to fix bottles (if you're bottle feeding) or maybe let him pick out the baby's clothes for the day... and continue spending quality time with him, that's what he needs too :) Rewards work great...for every time he uses the potty like a big boy, put a star on a chart and when he gets so many stars he gets a treat or take him somewhere special he'd like to go that only a BIG boy could babies, that will help him feel good :) if that doesn't help...try calling NANNY 911 ...LOL...kidding ;)


BBK ® © - October 24

Hey, there is always Angelina Jolie, and she may want to adopt YOUR kid next!


ally - October 25

barb gives good advice, he feels sad and jealous right now, instead of making it worse by taking away his things, involve him. dont put up with the peeing around the house but try involve him with the baby care.


Jbear - October 25

I had a rough time with my three and a half year old the first couple of weeks after I came home with our new baby. She was throwing things and hitting, and whenever anyone admired the baby she'd say, "Okay, all right, you keep the baby now," and when they'd walk away, she'd yell, "Hey lady, you forgot your baby!" She also decided to pee in my shoes. I was afraid she'd never adjust, but after a couple of weeks she settled down. She's always coming up to me and saying ,"Mommy has two girls." I think she thought the baby was a replacement for her for a little while. I think part of why it's so hard is that we get used to everything being a struggle with our preschoolers, and then when a new baby comes along, we remember the joy of having a little person who stays where you put them, wears what you pick out, and only makes manageable diapers. Compared to that, a preschooler is a little overwhelming. I'm sure he'll calm down pretty soon.


Jamie - October 25

LMAO @ "Hey, lady, you forgot your baby!" That's so...ROFLMAO....sorry, I know you guys are in a tough's just FUNNY. LOL I hope your kids settle down.


mommy of 2 - October 25

we really do involve him, he gets the diapers, and sometimes he feeds him his bottles...he doesn't really like that though because the baby eats too slow lol. henever says anything about being mad the baby is here, in fact he calls him his baby and when i take him to headstart in the mornings, he tells his dad exactly how to take care of his baby. sorry about lack of capitals and puntuation, typing onehanded during our 3 oclock feeding!


Alexia - October 25

I had a friend that had the same exact problem you are having. She finally got control of the hitting, tripping, throwing things, etc by punishing but the peeing was a different story. Shen ended up having to get her daughter checked and the doctor realized she had a low tolerance for anything to be in her bladder. It had always been like that but since she had been an only child they could ask her more often if she needed to use the bathroom and there was not as much going on so she could remember to go. Could it be that he is just so excited that he cant make it to the bathroom? She is now 11 years old and when she is playing outside or something, she still pees in her pants sometimes. I am not sure if this fits your case at all but try to think back before you had the baby and see if he was peeing alot.


mommy of 2 - October 25

He's never had a problem going to the bathroom, except maybe an accident at night once or twice a week. He had a UTI about a year ago, but he's pretty much trained. The other night, he was watching a movie in his room and just whipped his peepee out and watered the walls. He usually goes to the bathroom, so all I could figure was he was protesting the baby, who had been really fussy that day. He spent the whole day in his room yesterday, only able to come out when he had to go to the bathroom or for meals. No movies, no playstation, and he still peed in his room this morning when I got him up for school. ARRRRG!!!!


klmr - October 25

Wow, peeing on the walls? All I can think is maybe he really likes all the attention that he gets when he pulls a stunt like that. It will probably calm down soon, he is just going through a rough adjustment period.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 25

The only thing I can think of is that he feels like peeing is something he has control of at this crazy time and also for that moment in time when he acts out like that, all attention is on him. Not sure what to do, but if he were mine, I would probably try not to even acknowledge it while doing it, hard as that would probably be, and once he sees that it does not get a reaction, he may think twice, and maybe also make him have to clean it up. I know he is only four, but he cannot think cleaning it up would be fun. Some kids respond when you let them know how disappointed and sad you are with their behavior and instead of taking things away, just act very sad and upset and not talk to him much, let him know how upset, not angry, you are and he may feel bad. It just depends on what he responds to. Good luck. That is a tough one but I am sure he will come around.


tiffani~7 days to go!! - October 25

Sounds like he wants even more attention than he's already getting. It sounds as if he's competing with the baby for your time. By acting out, I think it gives him negative attention, but attention none the less. I don't know what the solution is. Maybe try NOT giving him any extra attention when he misbehaves, and hopefully he'll give it up. Good luck to you. :o)


Erica - October 25

I'll give you $1.50 for him. ;)


jj - October 25

LOL $1.50 that's hilarious!!


mommy of 2 - October 27

LOL $1.50 Maybe I should be offering money to take him! He is still peeing everywhere, and I tried to ignore it like some suggested, but it made our house smell like an outhouse! He's going to spend the weekend at a friend's house, so maybe that will help. We told him only big boys get to go see friends, and the baby can't go. He seems excited, so we will see how it goes. Wish me luck!


Mommy - October 28

Ok this may or may not work for you but it did for my brother. She started out really jealous of her new brother (she is 3) and started peeing her pants and stuff again. What he did was he put her back in diapers, which she liked. What she didn't like though, was when she would want to do her "big girl things" and they would tell her "no you're a baby, remember?" She got tired of not playing with her big kid toys and eating baby food again without any candy or juice she started being a big girl again. Hope this helped. BTW, it only took a week.


Jbear - October 30

I've known 3 little boys with ADHD who had problems with peeing in the wrong place, not having accidents but peeing where they should not on purpose (like on walls, pa__sing cars, people, etc.) One of the little boys got in trouble because he wrote his name in pee on the bathroom wall at school, and ran out before he could dot the "i", so he asked another kid to dot it for him. Another one, who I babysat a couple of times, liked to stand at the curb and take aim at pa__sing cars. Anyhow, I'm not suggesting that your son has ADHD, but if the problem persists you might mention it to his doctor. Als, to get the pee smell out, use an enzymatic cleaner for the carpet (like Kids & Pets). Blot up the pee, then soak the area with cleaning solution. Put a folded towel over the spot and put something heavy on it overnight (to pull the stain out of the carpet pad). Add vinegar to laundry that has been peed, and it will take out the smell.



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