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Deirdra - February 2

ok so the weather is REALLY bad in southern MASS! the roads are is its sleeting and snowing...and i had to drive home with the baby...first time in the i cant drive anyways...SO yea even no matter how slow i was going..i was still i stayed storng till i was parked in my driveway...i ran and grabbed my son and hugged him and kissed him and then i layed him down for bed and dove into my hubbys arms sobbing still just glad to be home soon...


lexa - February 2

Aw, remember, you made it home safe. Thats what matters most! I know how you feel though! I hate driving in this weather with my kids in the car! I have 4 wheel drive, but that doesn't mean it's any easier or safer...especially if you are on ice. You did the best thing you could have done, went slow and most importantly....stayed strong! It's okay:-)


JenS - February 2

You're ok now.... you poor thing... It sux driving in this weather I agree 100%! I live in Toronto, Canada and a few weeks back we had horrible ice on the roads... I was terrified to drive with ds. I was sure glad to get home!


Mellissa - February 2

I love the snow here in Colorado, but I grew up in texas, so I HATE driving in it! I won't leave my house with the kids if there is ice on the road. I'm too scared! You must have been terrified! I'm glad you made it home safely!!!


San - February 2

You know, I never used to have a problem driving in the snow ( I live between Toronto & Niagara Falls). BUt now with 2 kids, I tend to get a little freaked. I still drive, but I;'m much more cautious and watching the other cars. JenS- did you hear about that accident on the 401 yesterday near Colborg?? Yikes!! I think if I would have seen that that would have been me for driving in this weather!!


JenS - February 2

Hi San, I saw it on the news... unreal.... 30 car pile-up. I hate driving on the 401 during the winter months!! Thank goodness march in next month and we can starting thinking about a little spring!


cae - February 2

Oh, I know. Before I had my son, Im sure I had p__sed many people off, riding to close to their b___ts and pa__sing them. Now, Im at the opposite end, im getting pa__sed alot. I dont care, as long as my son is safe, I will do whatever. Its amazing after you have kids, how you view of life changes for the good. But some people just p__s me off, its ok, I dont get road rage anymore now that I have my son, thank god.


jessb - February 3

Thank god you and your baby are home ok. I dont know how people drive in snow and ice like that. I catn drive worth a d__n. Its a miracle i get anywhere! I drive extra careful when I have dd (which is 5 days a week) but you never know. Im happy you are ok!


Deirdra - February 3

OH jessB. I feel ya! I used to have a vintage mustnag i drove like a nut! I got in so many accidents driving the way i im shkay and causious when DS is with me...and oh man my roadrage? I come form the state the supposedly invented it...if someone cuts me off with ds in the car or if i slam on my brakes for some idiot...i roll my window right


JenniferB - February 3

I am from MA too. I hate driving in the snow and it makes it ten times worse when the kids are with me.



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