French Fries For A 8 Mth Old

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evae777 - October 13

I have been meaning to ask you all what you think about this since the thought of it still bugs me. i know a girl that feeds her 8 mth old daughter french fries. i saw this little girl down a side plate of fries when we were at a restaurant, but i did not say anything to the mom, but just for my knowledge... isn't french fries bad for an infant? if it is bad for adults, i can't see how it is good for a baby. the mom is one of those know it all brats so of course I didn't open my mouth to say anything, but she pretty much gives her baby any food that she will eat, which is everything. I was so appalled!


ROBYN - October 13

I personally wouldnt give my son french fries but i would give him potatoe or sweet potatoe but nothing fried. Like you said its not good for us i certainly wouldnt give it to him.


sarah21 - October 13

I don't agree with giving kids a whole plate of french fries but I wouldn't say anything to a mother who chose to do that. I would love to feed my daughter all organic but I can't afford it. I know some organic people who would find the fact I don't feed her everything organic to be appalling. It's all up to the parent and really isn't our business I don't think. I have given my dd a few french fries here and there. I am trying to eat healthy and succeed most of the time and she eats whatever I eat. I try to give her enough of whatever else I'm eating but sometimes she is still hungry and I don't have anything else to give her and rather have her scream in public (which she will) I'll give her a couple fries, probably no more than about 5 her entire lifetime (she's almost 7 months old).


jenna32 - October 13

i admit that i have given my lo unhealthy things on occa__sion,she hounds me for it sometimes and i feel bad for not giving her it. Then feel bad for giving her it,lol. But no,french fries are very bad for a baby. Actually my dad gave her one before to calm her down,it worked but she also started choking on it, i'd be careful with those!



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