Frequent Night Wakings With A 6 Mth Old HELP

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ARD - January 22

Ok, my dd is 6 mths and has never slept ALL the way through the night, but has been doing wonderful sleeping about 6-7 hours straight then getting up once then going right back to sleep. The past 3 nights she has been waking up fussing, sometimes screaming and she does this 4-5 times during the night. Its almost every hour and a half to 2 hours!! My dh and I are exhausted and not sure what's going on. She has two teeth in - her two bottom front teeth, and I haven't felt anymore, so I'm not so sure its teething that's causing it(but who knows!)....She is eating babyfood now and I usually feed her that around 6pm. She plays, has a small bottle, she has a bath, then by about 7:30 or so, I nurse and she goes right to sleep. Then an hour or so later, shes up! What gives??? I thought it may be gas, or acid reflux, but when I pick her up she stops crying! (and she sleeps in her crib by the way) what do you think may be going on???


ARD - January 22



Brenda M - January 22

Hi ARD. We went through this last week with my 6 1/2 month-old son. For several months, he's been going to bed around 7:00 p.m. and sleeping through until 3:00 a.m. or so. I b___stfeed him and he goes back to sleep until 6:00. But last week, for three nights in a row, he awoke at midnight and again at 2:00, and both times he wouldn't stop crying until I fed him. I started to get worried that this was going to be his new routine but over the weekend he settled back into his groove again. We chalked it up to a growth spurt. Good luck!


Patti - January 22

It's hard to say, but here's my experience. With reflux, babies don't burn as much when they are held upright or even cradled w/ their head elevated. However, I don't know about starting reflux at 6 months. My 2 w/ reflux both showed signs in the first month. Also, my first DD had food allergies and it caused sleep problems. She stopped sleeping through the night. Became irritable but would sleep when held upright. Took 5 months for me to find out she was (is) allergic to peaches, orange, corn, and milk. According to my ped allergist some children's allergies don't cause the obvious hives, but behavioral and sleep problems. Food allergies can cause stomach pain and headaches too. Of course the little ones can't tell us. I'm not suggesting your DD has allergies, just offering my experience w/ a similar problem. You should discuss this w/ your Dr. to see if he or she has any suggestions. Good luck to you. Sleep deprivation is so horrible. I remember nights of only getting 1 and 2 hour intervals. I can really empathize with you. I hope things turn around for you soon!


Kara H. - January 23

I think there must be growth spurt coming. Max is 6 months old and has been sleeping thru the night without a bottle since about 2.5 months. He got sick with a gastro-intestinial virus 2 wks ago and is still waking me up for a bottle during the night. And he is starved! At first I thought he was making up for lost calories, but he has to getting ready to have a growth explosion for the amount of calories he is taking in during the night again. I guess I got spoiled these last 3.5 months...


jwhite - January 23

My dd has been waking up at 4am every other night and the other nights she sleeps through, what could that be??



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