Frequent Vomitting Please Help

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Emma - October 30

The last 4 days my baby has thrown up once a day. She's not running a fever, and she doesn't seem sick, but I'm worried because I don't know what's causing this. She's 7 weeks old and br___tfed. I looked it up in what to expect the first year, and it looks like it might be GER. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Help please!


...... - October 30

Go to the doctor!!!!! Quickly!!!!!!!


Tanya - October 31

My little one has acid reflux (GER) - it could be that. He is on medication and he is gaining weight just fine even though he spits up ALOT!


To Tanya - October 31

Not to sound stupid, but I'm really worried...what do you mean by a lot? I'm taking my baby to the dr. tomorrow but just an hour ago, twenty minutes after nursing, my daughter threw (or spit) up a lot; she soaked her clothes and it was literally like a puddle on one side of her bouncy seat. Is that how much your son spits up? I'm so stressed over this, I just hope she's gaining enough weight...


Lissi - October 31

My daughter went through this in her 4th week. It was about once a day, and she also soaked herself. It went away after a week though, and hasn't happened since, so it may be nothing. It might even be just something you're eating that's upsetting her. I can't even drink half a gla__s of wine, because it makes her throw up. It's defintely cause for concern if she does it after every feed and gets dehydrated. I'd take her to the doctor if I were you, just to check.


Tanya - November 1

Hey Emma! With Andrews acid reflux, he can throw up a fair amount and he would soak himself and me! If it is acid reflux - DO NOT WORRY! There is medication and it is VERY common! They diagnosed it super easy as well because it is so common! Or it could be what Lissi is saying, just a short "phase" or something that you maybe ate! Good luck Emma, keep us posted!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 1

Lucas has GERD. It is very common and he takes zantac and gets cereal in his bottles to keep the acid down. They usually outgrow it by 6 mos, so my docs say, he sees a pediatric gastro for this and they just keep an eye on him. They did an upper gi to rule out anything more serious. He is doing real well on that. He barely even spits up anymore, and weight gain is not an issue since he is 11 weeks and weighs about 15 lbs. Weight gain is one of the major issues with GERD, making sure baby is getting enough that stays down to be able to gain weight well. There are still days where he projectile vomits, but they are few and far between anymore, scary when they do happen though. He gets so upset!


angel - November 1

does your baby eat anything else? i used to watch a little by who did that and it turned out he had some food allergies/intolerances... u should go to the dr tho good luck!!


Emma - November 1

Thanks for the advice everyone! We took her to the dr. today, and she is definitly gaining weight at a good rate. The dr. said that she probably didn't need medication but to watch the situation in case it worsened. I'm so relieved...the dr. even called her pudgy!!


Ashley - November 2

My Son was doing the exact same thing, we thought he may be lactose intolerant, so we switched him from regular Formula to Soy Milk and hes on Zantac twice a day, since we done that he has been perfect and he sleeps 8 hours a night!



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